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"Perceptions of Diversity - the Impact of Culture" (October 2016)

The Ministry of Culture on 12 and 13 October 2016, organized a youth workshop for young people in municipality of Pljevlja.  The workshop "Perceptions of Diversity - the Impact of Culture" is a part of the "Anna Lindh" Network Intercultural Actions program. The workshop was organized as a joint activity of the Ministry of Culture and the Department for European Integration of the Municipality of Pljevlja (ALF Network Member). This is the final of five workshops by ALF Montenegrin Network crried out within the project "What brings us together - Intercultural Workshops for Youth in Montenegro“.

This workshop questioned the impact of culture on the formation of the opinions of individuals and members of groups that are different in a national, religious or racial terms, as well as in terms of other characteristics such as sexual orientation, physical and mental characteristics and so on. Through participation in the workshop,mentored by Natasa Nelevic, theatrologist and activist, and filmmaker Dusan Kasalica, workshop participants had the opportunity to improve their understanding of the concept of "cultural diversity", i.e. the meaning of the term in modern political context, as well as understanding of media and mass culture constructed notions of others in the modern world. With a discussion on different audio visual content presentet at the workshop (movies, media and popular culture) participants had the opportunity to develop a critical attitude towards various stereotypes that encourage discrimination, enhance social distance, generate distrust and produce conflicts as a result of an uncritical attitude towards common social stereotypes of today.

In the frame of the project "What brings us together - Intercultural Workshops for Youth in Montenegro“ similar non-formal learning program was carried out in the period April - October 2016. The program was held in Montenegrin municipalities Bar, Tivat, Niksic, Bijelo Polje and Pljevlja, with the total participation of about 100 high school students.

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