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Han of the Moment

The man behind some of Istanbul’s most credible structures, Han Tümertekin is an architect on an anti-megalomaniac mission

Han Tümertekin is unlike other architects. In more ways than one. While other design bureaus are fuelled by adrenalin and arrogance – not to mention caffeine – his agency’s office in Istanbul’s chic Kuruçeşme neighbourhood is an oasis of calm.

Both Tümertekin’s projects and personality purvey an aura of zen. The winner of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture – not to mention Harvard lecturer and Venice Biennale contributor – should be knee-deep in client-induced stress. Instead, he’s the most laid-back designer in the Middle East.

Writer Tristan Rutherford Photographer Aydan Cinar / Bronbook
Mars, 2014
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