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‎51, Abdel Hadi street, Fern el Hayek, Achrafieh
Beirut 1100

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Private Company
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General Information
there are only 3 persons in the center. AS it has recently started its activity, its budget is mainly based upon voluntary action and donors. Thus its budget has not been finalized yet. in 2009, it had a very modest budget for activity projects of around 8000$. The people working in the center are part timers and are volunteers. The concrete projects are mainly in the peripheric areas in order to promote culture in areas where the residents do not have an access to the main stream culture in the capital Beirut. In July 2009, Arrawi participated with the public library in Aley in a photography workshop under the theme: cultural, ecological, and architectural patrimony in Aley cluster. The workshop will be followed by a exposition of photos taken by the young students themselves.The exposition is going to take place with the collaboration of Aley club and Municipality of Aley. The second activity is a book festival with the collaboration of La maison de livre along with Women Youth Assembly in Aley, Aley Club and the cultural center in Hermel. This project is funded by ARCI, the Italian association. The third activity, is a long workshop on creative writing with the collaboration of the public library in Aley and Women Youth. Assembly of Aley. Arrawi got a funding from the Lebanese ministry of culture to do a part of this workshop. Arrawi is still trying to find a funding to cover the whole activities that start October 2009 and end March 2010 in Aley.
Mission and Objectives

The mission of Arrawi is to decentralize culture and to establish cultural dialogue locally and internationally. The marginal areas in Lebanon suffer from total absence of cultural activities. Arrawi aims at supporting cultural and artistic activities in peripheric areas such as Aley and Hermel. It also aims at presenting the Lebanese, Arab and Mediterranean writers to the world. It works for establishing a permanent center for creative writing aimed at the youth, mainly young women in Lebanon and the Arab world.

Main Projects / Activities

All the activities of Arrawi are under the title General Information. Please read above.

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Ms. Iman Humaydan
Head of the organisation
Ms. Iman Humaydan