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The Diocesan Youth Council was established by the Diocesan Synod in 2002 to “oversee and coordinate Diocesan Youth Ministry”, under the recommendation of the Youth Review Group in its Final Report in 2002. This report, including the then suggested constitution, is found in Appendix A of the report of the Diocesan Council of 2002. In the autumn of 2003, the new Youth Council was assembled, according to the guidelines stated in the Constitution of 2002, as follows: - The President (ex officio), the Bishop. - The Chairperson (ex officio) - 2 members, appointed by the President, to serve for three years - 2 clerical Members, elected by Diocesan Synod triennially - 2 lay members, elected by Diocesan Synod triennially - 2 lay members who shall be elected by West Cork Youth to serve for three years - 3 members to be appointed by the Boards of Management of Ashton School, Bandon Grammar School and Midleton College respectively, should they so wish - up to 4 co-opted members who shall be representative of youth activity and members of youth organisations in the Dioceses e.g. GFS, Scouting ... .2008 INCOME 77,879 EXPENDITURE 61,458 MAIN DONORS; CHURCH OF IRELAND,VOCATIONAL EDUCATION COMMITEE CORK,SCHOOLS,PRIORITIES FUND. MODALITIES OF ACTION;PLEASE REFER TO WWW.CDYC.IE ALL REPORTS OF PROJECTS AND PUBLICATIONS. MAIN PARTNERS; SCHOOLS,LOCAL COMMUNITIES AND OTHER N.G.O.'S
Mission and Objectives

Mission Statement The Youth Council exists to encourage, facilitate and support the growth of youth ministry within the Church of Ireland Dioceses of Cork, Cloyne and Ross. The Youth Council aims over the triennial period June 2008 to June 2011 to fulfill the following goals. (The term “young people” refers to those aged 12-30). • To create opportunities for young people to grow in the knowledge of God and to experience God. • To equip young people to participate and partake in the life of the Church. • To encourage young people to be involved in youth activity, including service opportunities, locally, nationally and internationally. • To encourage the development of parish-based youth ministry by working alongside clergy and youth workers. • To develop a Schools’ Programme, working alongside principals, teachers and parents which will encourage personal and spiritual development. • To organize regular Diocesan Events. • To develop a Youth Leader Training Programme, including the organization of regular training events to enable young people to develop their leadership skills. • To advocate for young people and to encourage young people to advocate for themselves.

Main Projects / Activities

Strategy (Action Plan or roadmap of how we intend to implement our goals and so realize our Vision.) 1. Training. a. Provide bursaries for Parish Youth Workers who wish to enroll in the U.C.C. Youth Work and Community Work Diploma. Aim to have at least one person each year attending this course. b. Facilitate at least 4 proficiency training courses each year in specific areas- peer issues, embracing cultural diversity, first aid, Fresh Expressions model of Church. c. Develop a leadership training programme accommodating levels 16-18, and 18 and over to be run biennially. d. Run a full weekend annually for Youth Leadership training. e. Run Quarterly day/evening training events to tackle topical issues and to provide fellowship 2. Schoolwork Bring at least one team per year to run day retreats for Transition Year Students. Offer this day to as many schools as possible. 3. Worship Encourage the development of youth centered worship services in the Dioceses 4. Youth Work a. Encourage and support parish youth groups. b. Run a full programme of diocesan youth events annually 5. Strategic Partnerships. f. Develop relationship with the Mothers` Union to further parenting programme and other key players in the area of Youth Service provision. 6. International and Cross Cultural Youth Work. a. Organise at least 2 international trips per year b. Continue to develop international. relationships with European youth groups.

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Hilda Connolly
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Development Officer
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Mrs. Judy Peters