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  1. Arts
  2. Environment/Sustainable development
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  4. Human rights
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  7. Youth and education
General Information
Al Quds Club – is a Palestinian Association / Establishment – non-governmental, non-profitable, independent from any party, rendering services, voluntary activities, – aiming at enhancing the youth developing potential of the Palestinian Youth in the region of Jerusalem. This is achieved through establishing an equilibrium between enhancing and developing their innovative caliber and creative skills (that qualify them to perform an active role in our Palestinian Society) on one hand – and exploring international horizons for cooperation for them to serve this objective and enhance their leadership role in the field of participation in the development activities and programs in this era – aiming at emphasizing the preservation of their national identity – within the adopted national regulations and laws that direct this activity in Palestine.
Mission and Objectives

Developing the Palestinian Youth in the Jerusalem area, and upgrading their cultural, sportive, social and vocational capacity, and emphasizing the importance of their role in establishing the community civil institutes, and encouraging them to practice this role through research and comprehension, and respecting the cultural and intellectual multiplicity.
2 - Enhancing and clarifying the importance of the role of women in Jerusalem –and encouraging her to attain her role – side by side – with the man in Jerusalem , and achieving the principal of equality of opportunities for her – in cooperation with the Women’s Institutes.
3 - Initiating the Innovation and Contribution spirit in the targeted youth sector in Al Quds club in all the fields leading to its development, adopting the scientific methodology – technique, approach and practice.
4 - To refrain and avoid discrimination in all forms – being racial, religious or social – and prevailing the concepts of Human Rights between youth, and comply to the International Decrees for Human Rights.
5 - Developing relationships with the maximum number of Youth Organizations, Associations and Centers – locally, in the Arab Countries and worldwide that share the same objectives, to get acquainted with the cultures, habits, traditions and problems of youth in our national districts and in the friendly countries – through the youth exchange programs – aiming at upgrading and developing the Youth Sector Jerusalem.

Main Projects / Activities

- Youth education programs
- Cultural programs
- Social programs
- Women and children program
- Awareness and enviornmental programs
- Youth Led initiaitive

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Marwan Bashiti
Head of the organisation
Numan Edkaidek
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Oraib Nashasheebi