HRVATSKI FOTOSAVEZ /Croatian Photographic Union

National Network

Dalmatinska 12, Zagreb
10000 Zagreb

+385 1 4848 793
+385 1 4848 793
Mobile Phone
+385 91 1003 888
Organisation Type
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Youth and education
General Information

Croatian Photographic Union is a national non-partisan, non-governmental and non-profit trade association of photographic associations and other legal entities which accomplish programmes of technical culture in the field of photography, photographic creativity and photographic techniques, and affiliating in the Union and membership in the Union are voluntary. The highest governing body of the Union is Assembly composed of representatives of Union’s member clubs elected for a term of four years. Assembly elects the president and vice-president of the Union, the Executive Board, Supervisory Board and the Court of Honour, for a period of four years. Croatian Photographic Union has two employees: Secretary General of the Union and professional associate. The Union receives earmarked funds for its activities through the Croatian Community for Technological Culture whose member it is, and for individual programmes accepted upon applications on specific calls for proposals. Modalities of action are listed in Main Projects / Activities.

Mission and Objectives

Encouraging, promoting and coordinating the overall activities in photography; preparing and carrying out the tasks in the public needs in culture and technical culture of the Republic of Croatian related to photography and especially the national programmes of out-of-school and extracurricular acquirement of knowledge and skills in photography; encouraging and promoting children’s and young people’s photographic creativity; presentation of achievements, promotion of photographic work and photography as well as of international cooperation; harmonization of activities of its member-organizations in the development of technical culture, photography and photographic creativity; the realization of other objectives of the Union and of needs and interests of its members; care for the improvement of professional performance and training of professionals; nurturing the spirit of unity, the value of photographic creativity, humanity, tolerance, mutual respect and cooperation and friendship between people regardless of their political, racial, ethnic and religious affiliation and worldview

Main Projects / Activities

Verified programmes for children and the young: thematic and incentive photo-workshops, summer photo-workshops for the young under the topic „Ambience - cultural heritage“, international summer photo-workshops with heritage related topic, national photography competition for the young, professional trainings for mentors in the programmes for children and the young Organization of photographic contests - thematic contests for the young and contests for clubs members Photography exhibitions: in the Art Pavilion in Zagreb (Croatian photography, international contemporary photography); national contest exhibition “Croatian Photography”; exhibitions of photographs taken during the programmes for the young International co-operation: International Heritage Photographic Experience - Croatian Photographic Union is the bearer of this programme in Croatia; International Federation of Photographic Art /FIAP/ - full operational membership Publishing: “Croatian Photographers” edition - launched in 1995; catalogues of exhibitions organized in the Art Pavilion in Zagreb; publications on the programmes for the young

Contact (1) Full Name
Predrag Bosnar
Job Title
Secretary General
Head of the organisation
Predrag Bosnar