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Focus on Higher Education in Europe 2010: The impact of the Bologna Process

This 2010 edition of the Focus report has been prepared for the European Ministerial Conference in Budapest/Vienna, 11-12 March 2010, that officially launches the European Higher Education Area.
The main aim of the report is to provide concise and clear information on key aspects of higher education systems in all 46 countries of the emerging European Higher Education Area at the end of the first Bologna decade. It focuses on the impact of Bologna process reforms, taking account of other significant contextual factors. Information was gathered and checked in all countries between the end of August 2009 and February 2010. The report is based mainly on official information of an administrative nature (such as legislation, regulations and recommendations). Consequently, it provides information on national systems and analysis of national policies, but cannot explore the impact on higher education institutions in any substantial depth.

Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency
Mars, 2010
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