Crossing Borders

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Kobmagergade 43
1150 Copenhagen K

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Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Environment/Sustainable development
  2. Gender
  3. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  4. International/Cultural relations
  5. Media
  6. Youth and education
General Information

Crossing Borders (CB) is a non-profit, non-partisan civil society organisation which started as a project in 1999 in Denmark in support of meaningful dialogue between the conflict parties in the Middle East. In response to increased activities and demands for the CB concept and services, it was transformed, in 2004, into a dynamic organisation with activities in Denmark and abroad.

CB's themes focus on current global issues including climate change, migration, youth participation, and the SDGs as a contribution toward green innovation and eco-entrepreneurship for sustainable development. 

CB has collaborating with partners who work toward the same goals, such as:

  • Municipalities;
  • High schools;
  • Universities;
  • International civil society project partners;
  • Public funding partners;
  • International Funding partners.

In recognition of its contribution to peace dialogue, Crossing Borders was awarded an Honourable Mention for the Euro Mediterranean Award for Dialogue between Cultures 2006, with the theme Mutual respect among people of different religions or any other belief by the Anna Lindh Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures and the Fondazione Mediterraneo.

CB structure comprises:

  • International advisory board of 22 eminent personalities;
  • Executive board of seven members;
  • Secretariat with Director, two International Programme Coordinators, 4 International Programme  Coordinators, 5 international Project Coordinators, and communication team and 20 volunteers/interns from all over the world.
Mission and Objectives

The mission is to create dialogue space toward such a world and to build the capacity of youth, media workers and educators to realise the above vision. The overall goal is to enable people with different backgrounds to learn to live together on equal terms.

Main Projects / Activities

CB activities comprise four programmes:

  • Global school services for high and primary schools in Denmark with the purpose to bring the world in the school and the school out into the real world;
  • Global Højskole for youth leaders from across the globe to learn about the key dimensions of globalisation: diversity, climate change, peace and conflicts, the media, the Gobal Goals for sustainable development and social enterpreneurship;
  • International projects focusing on youth participation in public and global affairs;
  • Volunteer programme as a way of enabling youth to gain real life experience and active citizenship;
  • Food for Thought Storytelling bi-weekly events;
  • Teacher conferences on current global issues of concern for educators;
  • Publications of educational materials, youth magazine and newsletters.
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Garba Diallo
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Head of the organisation
Garba Diallo