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General Information
Villa Romana was founded by a group of german artists and supporters in 1905. It was part of the movement of artists to self organize themselves apart from govermental structures. The Villa Romana association hosts each year the Villa Romana fellows, the eldst prize for contemporary art in Germany. Fellows have to come from Germany, not neccessarily have a german passport. Parallel to the fellows' residency Villa Romana is since 2007 inviting guest artists from Mediterranean countries for residencies in Florence and is organizing a wide range of exhibitions / meetings / concerts / screenings to move on the dialogue between contemporary artists in the Mediterranean region and share it with the german public. Please have a look at our website for concrete examples ... Depending on the project we are collaborating with different partners in Italy and abroad, institutional ones as well as individuals.  Villa Romana is since the beginning a non profit association, supported by the Deutsche Bank Foundation, the Federal German Government and private sponsors. We do have a max. budget of 450.000,- including all costs (fellowship, staff, building, program etc.). Villa Romana works since 1905 in an old Florentine Villa with 40 rooms and a 1,5 hectar garden, not far from the City center. 
Mission and Objectives

The main objective since 1905 is to support and promote (young) contemporary artists.
Until 2006 this objective was mainly focussed on the Italian-German exchange. Since 2007 we try to perceive our Italian base as a starting point to communicate with contemporary artists around the Mediterranean, create individual long lasting networks and encourage young artists in their career.
Since forced migration is also touching contemporary artists we started to create a network between artists living in Europe and those who just arrived. It is very new also on facebook: gravity for all.

Main Projects / Activities

Our main activities concerning the European and Mediterranean exchange are up to now very limited, almost without a budget. But with this little money we invite artists for a 2-3 month residency in Florence, initiate projekts like "Pas de DEeux" with artists from Maghreb and curators from the Northern Mediterranean (final book presentation on Marrakech Biennal 2014), cooperate with initiatives such as 98weeks in Beirut  ("Alternative readings"; "Oh Seminar!") or Petrit Halilaj and his project to support young artists from Kossovo (also residency in Villa Romana). On the other hand we try to mirror our practise in Italy when having shows and presentations in Germany, for example in 2013 at Deutsche Bank KunstHalle with "Süden" / South project. 

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We could contribute to both networks in Germany as well as in Italy, because until now their are only very, very few initiatives focussing on contemporary artist in European/Mediterranean dialogues. 
Our means are all means used by contemporary artists, in analogue as well as digital ways.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

All our efforts communicating with the Mediterranean is not covered by our "historical" aims and so far not even financially supported. We could be much more efficient if we could find additional support specially for the European / Mediterranean exchange. We want to extend the Süden / South radio (developped together with Radio Papesse), we want to develop a research on indepent music around the Mediterranean, we want to give a stronger public appearance to single artists and devevlop our collaboration / research with refugee artists in Italy as well as in Germany.

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Angelika Stepken
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Head of the organisation
Angelika Stepken