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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Democracy and community development
  2. Human rights
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  7. Youth and education
General Information
The organization has one employed project manager and an allround intern. Besides that, the organization is run by a voluntary board consisting of 6 members with different professional backgrounds as well as an alternating number of volunteers. The organization has several unofficial and official partners that we cooperate with on different matters and in regard to different projects; e.g. Police Intelligence, the Nordic Council of Ministers, Facebook, the Danish Institute for Human Rights, several Danish NGO's, some public schools and more. Funding for concrete projects has so far been given by Socialstyrelsen, the municipality of Copenhagen as well as the municipality of Frederiksberg. No international donors so far. Two concrete projects run at the moment: 'Åndehullet' and 'Anmeld Had' (Report Hate).
Mission and Objectives

CFE wish to contribute in creating a more cohesive society which embraces all the differences that our society contains, across religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation and political standpoint, as we believe the society is becoming more and more fragmented by a 'them and us'-rethoric. A feeling of exclusion, not knowing ones rights as a citizen and not being an equal citizen can develop an unhealthy and even dangerous distance between individuals and society.
To do this, we investigate and bring into focus some of the visible and invisble mechanisms of exclusion that defines the society of today and with social research and specific projects we then put under scrutiny the causes and effects of these to contribute in preventing and working constructively with the matters.

Main Projects / Activities

Two main projects are run at the time being:
'Åndehullet' is targeting young Danes with ethnic minority backgrounds that, theoretically, are at risk of being redicalized as they have socalled norm-breaking or deviant attitudes and behaviour in comparison to other young people. The project involves a series of dialogue meetings with the target group where issues related to subjects such as citizenship, responsibility, rights, discrimination, exclusion etc. are taken up and discussed in a non-judgmental space and group. By doing this, the aim is to create or influence an understanding and agency among the young in relation to their own lives and taking matters into their own hands, e.g. in regard to achieving common recognition or using their voice to speak up about wrongs in a constructive way.
'Anmeld Had' (Report Hate) brings into focus and works with preventing the harsh and sometimes even hateful rhetoric that we see today and especially online. At our website, an online portal has been developed for the victims of such rhetoric - or physical/verbal assault - to report an incident to us which CFE will then take to the police if it's assessed by our voluntary legal practioners as a criminal offence. With the project we overall wish to contribute in investigating the extent of hate crimes and hate speech in Denmark by providing concrete data on this and to work towards better preventive actions against it.

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Benedikte Stenum Lindqvist
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Project Manager
Head of the organisation
Qasam Ijaz
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Qasam Ijaz
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Chairman of the Board