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The Magic of Non-Verbal Communication: Circus Arts for Social Change

Circus Poehaa, Netherlands
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The Circus Arts for Social Change Project raises the potential and visibility of intercultural understanding and cooperation in regions of Europe and the Mediterranean that suffer from prolonged cultural conflict. Their message is one that celebrates rather than hides the diversity of our countries, and enriches not only our participants and their communities, but also civil society at large.

A youth circus is a transformational social tool; non-verbal trust-building activity transcends colour, creed, race and religion, and the performance of this extraordinary bond is inspiring to performers and audiences alike. Circus Galilee and Circus Poehaa are youth circuses that have built a bi-national partnership based on mutual interest in promoting intercultural dialogue and cooperation. Circus Galilee is a rare example of Jewish-Arab collaboration in the Galilee of Israel, a region plagued by mutual separation and misunderstanding. Circus Poehaa is a Dutch youth circus that embraces the Netherlands’ multicultural society.

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Wednesday, 1 August 2012 to Friday, 31 May 2013