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The 99% Remix: An intercultural Hip Hop Opera for Social Change

Lead Organisation: 
Theater Kapija, Sweden
Addictz e.V., Germany
HeartBeat J'lem - A Programm of the New Sound Fondation, Israel
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Year of Grant: 
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“The 99% Remix - A Hip Hop Opera for Social Change” is an interdisciplinary art project, that brings together the entire range of youth cultural styles - such as Hip Hop, Video, Graffiti, and break dance - as a tool for the promotion of intercultural dialogue, community mobilization and participation. Main target groups are young migrants, refugees and other discriminated groups of our society. We also reach out for young social change activists, artists and or people that feel related to the objectives of the project.
In a first step the project reaches out to a multitude of young people and provides a series of local art workshops in cooperation with our partners in Israel and Germany.
In a second step, we invite the participants from both countries to come together one week in Germany and one week in Israel. During the encounters they will produce and perform an intercultural Hip Hop Opera, whose plot is based on their own personal stories. Within a highly heterogeneous group setting success is based on on dialogue, intercultural sensitivity, tolerance and respect.
We promote a positive social change through art and creativity, both within local communities and through joint activities between partner countries from both sides of the Mediterranean.

The project’s orientation is towards more youth specific activities and participatory practices. The immediate aim is the production of a multi
We play an active role in community mobilization as part of the protest movement for social change. According to our and our partner’s principles, we developed a strategy to mobilize those who are usually pushed to the margin of society disciplinary Rock-Opera, based on personal narratives of different cultural, social and ethnic backgrounds.
A further aim is to establish this program as a tool for sustainable activities between the partner countries from both sides of the Mediterraneanand make sure that these voices continue to be heard, within and beyond the region. We use art and media as powerful means to promote intercultural dialogue and diversity as a positive value for our society as a whole. We develop our project with young people on grass root level. Discovering their creativity, they are encouraged to participate in public life. Art and Culture often provide experimental fields, in which encrusted thinking can be broken. The power of creativity stimulates new initiatives and new approaches to human development.

Thursday, 15 November 2012 to Sunday, 15 September 2013