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Buffer Zone

Lead Organisation: 
Uqbar e.V, Germany
European Mediterranean Art Association (EMAA), Cyprus
Granted Amount: 
Year of Grant: 
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The main goal of this project is to promote an intercultural networking between cultural producers, operators, civil society organisations and local art scenes by means of creative collaboration in Turkey, Cyprus and Germany.
Our project is motivated by the need for mutual awareness for social and cultural diversities, and platforms of dialogue for a better cultural understanding and avoiding stereotypes and xenophobia. In order to achieve this, the project will involve collaborations between young artists and cultural organisations in these countries such as; workshops with the participation of with 12 young artists from Turkey, Cyprus (from both Turkish and Greek sides) and Germany, where they will be encouraged to work together and experience different cultural structures in Nicosia and Istanbul; exhibition composed of the works created during the workshop process to be displayed to public in Apartment Project in Istanbul and then in Uqbar, Berlin; a publication based on the experiences of the workshop participants and their artworks to be presented during the exhibitions and a website, where the workshop participants will be able to upload and share their experiences to a broader public.

The aim of our project is promotion of intercultural understanding within cultural producers and local stakeholders through civil society collaboration in Turkey, Cyprus and Germany as a way to break borders and definitions that have become cliché or to blur their standard meanings.
Our specific objectives are establishing a good networking amongst the cultural producers, organisers and NGO’s; Facilitating a mutual understanding between artists, cultural organisations and other stake holders through collaboration; Promoting civil society dialogue by means of cultural exchanges and the active participation of young artists.
These specific objectives are in concordance with the given priorities; Intercultural Dialogue encouraging exchange and participation in public life; and Social and Cultural Diversity as a tool for cohesion and cooperation in the guidelines.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012 to Thursday, August 15, 2013