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Festival of Euro-Med Contemporary Arts “Culture Versus Crisis” (FEMCA CVC)

B&H Draft Teatar (Bosnia Herzegovina)
Helsinki Citizens' Assembly (Turkey)
Municipality of Radomir (Bulgaria)
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The goal is culture to be used as a sustainable tool of support for Euro-Med region – promotion of cultural activities in which
people to be involved informally and free as an origin of inspiration and internal energy to counteract to crisis; to present contemporary genres of music, dance, drama, audio-visual formats - language of arts brings bridges between different people. 2 international editions of the festival after selection of participants in Istanbul, Turkey and Radomir, Bulgaria; (including B&H, Montenegro and Slovenia); Performance (drama, comedy), exhibitions of modern artifacts, concerts (music and dances of youth); International jury lead by ALF headquarters representative from Egypt and members from B&H, Bulgaria and Turkey will evaluate the participants; Multimedia product Culture Versus Crisis will be produced and disseminated; International Round Table in Istanbul: Homophobia, discrimination, arts. Discussion: The role of arts today. International Round Table in Radomir - Culture Versus Crisis; Discussion: New Aesthetics. Almanac will be elaborated with presentation of ALF networks of partners' countries. Posters for each of the events and brochures of the project goals and results will be spread. The winners’ performance will be broadcast on Bulgarian TV Channel. TV commercial of the FEMCA and ALF mission and vision will be made and broadcast. Certificates of attendance of participants will be issued. Municipality of Radomir will be permanent host the festival after the project life.

The aim is encouraging cohesion, Culture and Creativity, inter cultural exchange and participation in public life: social inclusion of youth, women, minorities; cohesion between people developing any contemporary cultural practices; creating assumptions for increasing of better understanding; participation in common exhibitions, dance, music and theatre performances;
Raising the level of citizens culture, knowledge about “others” (differences in culture, habits and tradition should be found as advantage, not matter for mistrust through Culture and Creativity,encouraging exchange and participation in public life; Creating assumptions for new understanding of habits, culture and traditions among citizens from different countries and various ethnic groups; Create a common festival web platform about Culture and Creativity and international conference that should be used by representatives of target groups and representative of authorities, as a basis for creating a permanent model for further collaboration of ALF network and authorities – annual festival of contemporary Euro-med arts;

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Monday, October 1, 2012 to Friday, May 31, 2013