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This Flesh is Mine

Lead Organisation: 
Ashtar Theatre (Palestine)
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This Flesh is Mine is a collaboration between theatre companies from UK and Palestine to produce a new play based on The Iliad, with clear relevance to relationships between Western countries and the Middle East today. The project will engage Muslim communities in the UK (particularly young people), and youth in Palestine, encouraging them to create artistic responses to themes in the professional production, and exchange these online. The play will be written and rehearsed in dialogue with this community engagement work, reflecting the concerns of the people involved. The production will be presented in site-specific venues in both Ramallah and London. The groups involved will engage in debates after the performances, which will also involve artists from both organisations and the public. These debates will be filmed and shared online.

We aim to collaborate with Middle Eastern artists and youth, and with Muslim people in the UK, to create a piece of work that resonates with the current political climate of the region, and indeed the world. The project will engage with the tensions which exist between Western cultures and the Middle East, using theatre to build bridges between cultures, open dialogues and subvert prejudices. The project will demonstrate openness, a desire for mutual understanding, truth and reconciliation.

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5 000
Thursday, August 15, 2013 to Tuesday, July 15, 2014