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PFF – Peace and Freedom Youth Forum, Birzeit, Palestine
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I CAN MOVE established a Community Dance movement as a tool for addressing specific social development obstacles like inequality, exclusion, fragmentation, & Post Traumatic Stress Disorders-PTSD. The project seeks to break stereotypes & enable social strata from communicating across the fault line of their differences. Through this process we seek social empowerment of the marginalized by providing participants with tools for self-expression, raising their self-esteem & body awareness, hence their ability to embrace in Empathy. Evidence shows that Dance is a highly suitable method providing ALL 4 resilience: Physical, Emotional, Social & Mental resilience, necessary for anyone to transform PTSD into PTGrowth. (Tedeshi 2004) In Spring 2014 a performance will target Handicapped persons (HP). The dance sessions will work hand-in-hand with directives of dance therapists, whose goal is to release the bottled negative emotions from the targeted HP and their families. Special attention will also be paid to modes of raising their aspirations.
Inequality is a process by which the victim is forced into a reduced participation in the public sphere. Since visibility is power, this project utilizes the stage of dance, allowing the marginalized to claim the spot-light. HP are faced on daily basis with rejection & with reasons for pessimism. This project tries to give them a scenario to ponder about, in which they are the centre of the event as participants, not bystanders.

Contribution to the social development of Palestinian individuals and communities by addressing elements of social divide such as stereotyping, inequality, exclusion, marginalization and fragmentation. Creation of a viable, sustainable Palestinian Community Dance movement.

  • Breaking stereotypes
  • Promoting Empathy
  • Training Trainers
  • Dance for all
  • Public-Private partnerships
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7 000
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Monday, July 15, 2013 to Monday, July 14, 2014