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Intercultural Approach for CSO’s Advocacy Skills on Public Policies

Lead Organisation: 
Religious Social Democrats in Sweden (STS), Sweden
Ideaz. Institute for Intercultural and Comparative Research, Austria
Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights, Egypt
United Nations Youth Association of Tunisia (UNYAT), Tunisia
Granted Amount: 
Year of Grant: 
National Network: 

Civitas and its partners will select 15 representatives of SCO's from Palestine “Gaza/WB”, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and Syria”; the participants will exchange ideas and learn together on “Policy Analysis” and how to hold their national governments accountable towards their citizens; thus, a 70-hours training program will be designed and conducted to 15 trainees at Cairo during 10 days that includes: 1) Research skills; 2) Policy analysis and practices, and 3) Budget analysis of the national budgets of their countries, where Civitas has a financial watchdog manual to be used and practiced to enable the CSO's trainees identifying their government's deviations and deficits. The participants will practice, in their respective countries, the acquired knowledge and skills during 5 months, as they will analyze their national governments' procedures and policies in four aspects: 1) Health and Education; 2) Youth and gender; 3) National Budget Expenditures, towards ensuring social justice and inclusion of minorities; and 4) democratic reform. The target CSO's will carry advocacy campaigns to address grassroots' concerns in their own countries including using social media tools, publications, and information dissemination towards communities' mobilizations and launching a multi-stakeholders’ dialogue. A final findings of CSO's efforts will be published via a regional conference at Cairo on governments' performances across the region.

To contribute to democratic societies in the region that respects human rights and democratic principles through empowered, engaged, and aware marginalized groups resulting from vibrant societies that would create opportunities and provide platforms to public to debate national policies and decision making.

  • Improving skills of CSOs within the region towards ensuring vibrant and dynamic societies;
  • Enhancing and empowering CSO's in being watch dog of the national governments of the Arab Spring Countries;
  • Holding the governments accountable and more responsible towards their citizens and constituents.
Direct Beneficiaries: 
Wednesday, August 1, 2012 to Wednesday, July 31, 2013