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Intercultural dialogue between Italy and Morocco on gender-based violence and migration. (“Exit GBV dialogue”)

Initiatives pour la Protection des Droits des Femmes-IPDF, Morocco
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“Exit GBV dialogue” is a 12 months project to tackle GB discrimination and domestic violence and to allow intercultural dialogue between communities of origin, first and second generation migrant communities and the host society. As the Moroccan migrant community in Italy remains the largest non European migrant community, the project will investigate social perception of Moroccan first and second generation migrant women.
To this end, a survey on social perception of GB discrimination and domestic violence will be carried out both in Morocco and in Italy, with the aim of identifying key factors that influence perception change among first and second generation Moroccan women. The survey will also help to evaluate how the existing services for responding to domestic violence in Italy are culturally appropriate or not, thus helping gender mainstreaming into integration policies carried out by Italian local authorities.
A publication and a video documentary will be made available to present the outcome of the survey.
8 events will be organized both in Italy and in Morocco with the twofold aim of involving local institutions and allowing their common understanding in terms of perception of GBV and of fostering the exchange of experiences among women from the community of origin and migrant women in Italy. Four events are foreseen to be held in Morocco and four in Italy. The video documentary will be disseminated during the events and through the ALF network.

The project aims at promoting intercultural dialogue between the communities of origin, the Moroccan immigrant communities in Italy and the host civil society with a special focus on combating gender discrimination and violence against women. The objective is to increase the understanding of the phenomenon across Italy and Morocco through the dialogue between women.
The specific objective of the project is to have a deeper understanding of social perception of domestic violence and discrimination among community of origin and first and second generation migrant women with the twofold aim of contributing to their empowerment and of promoting targeted integration policies and culturally appropriate services for responding to domestic violence in the host country.
The project will focus on the Moroccan migrant community in Italy, as it remains the third largest migrant community in Italy (according to the Italian National Institute for Statistics Report on migration 2011, Moroccans accounts for 10% of migrant resident community, following Romanians (20%) and Albanians (11%).

Monday, October 1, 2012 to Monday, September 30, 2013