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Let's Do It Mediterranean!

Lead Organisation: 
Udruga Žmergo, Croatia;
Kodanikualgatus Teeme Ära Minu Eesti, Estonia;
Egyptian Pugwash, Egypt;
Društvo Ekologi brez meja, Slovenia;
Les Mains vertes, France;
Centre de developpement de la societé civile - Les Aventuriers, Tunisia;
Save Youth Future Society, Palestine;
Association for Environmental Justice in Israel, Israel;
Association for Democratic Prosperity – Zid, Montenegro;
Almargem Associação de Defesa do Património Cultural e Ambiental do Algarve, Portugal;
Swedish Mekteb, Sweden;
Operation Big Blue Association, Lebanon
Granted Amount: 
Year of Grant: 
National Network: 

One of the fastest-expanding civic movements in history - Let's Do It! will unite the Mediterranean in a joint coordinated clean up of the beaches and sea in a highly visible series of actions that promise to increase youth participation in democratic governance. Let's Do It does not only create a cleaner world, it creates active citizens having taken action once, wish to continue to change society for the better.

Now LDI will take on the Mediterranean Sea pollution, cleaning up beach garbage before it washes out to sea and endagers the environment as macro- and microplastics. The project will coordinate, train, inspire and mobilise national and local teams in nearly all coastal Mediterranean countries to clean-up beach garbage 10-11 May 2014 for the big clean-up.

Let's Do It has previously organised national clean-ups but now it focuses on uniting volunteers in all Mediterranean countries in jointly cleaning their common sea. Coordination planning of the macro-regional team will be done at a 3-day meeting for 20 persons followed by a 3-day training of trainers in mobilising volunteers and resources, using innovative techniques to map & organise clean-up logistics. The 3-day training course for 30 persons like the seminar will be held in Alexandria, Egypt.

The project will start the Let's Do It Mediterranean! 5-year campaign by mobilizing volunteers in nearly all Med countries to take action locally to clean beaches and sea of garbage. The aim is a clear and healthy Mediterranean, coordinated inter-regional volunteer action and increased active citizenship and pride at the local level.

Direct Beneficiaries: 
10 000
Wednesday, July 17, 2013 to Tuesday, July 15, 2014