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The life of The Others

Lead Organisation: 
Aditus Foundation – Malta
Young Palestinian Filmmakers Society-Palestine
Institution of Artists - Algeria
Association Maison de la Culture et Art (A.M.C.A) – Morocco
Granted Amount: 
Year of Grant: 
National Network: 

The production of 10 short documentary films made up by Youth in 5 countries: Greece, Malta, Palestine, Morocco and Algeria with the theme “The life of the others”. Stories to be documented are the life of different ethnic, religious groups and minorities in the 5 countries.
How to achieve: With a series of training workshops
The main outcome: Public screenings of the short films in each capital city, July 2014.

Aim: Development of channels of communication between the different groups. The change is the creation of the space of sharing between all the different communities. The project will contribute in achieving with a cultural event–public screenings- hosted in 5 cities. The audience will consist an electoral body to select the best film voted like in Eurovision: the locals vote only for the foreign films. The stars are the youths using the most persuasive language: images from the real life of the others.
Objectives: Network and spaces for the dialogue, Improve skills of narration and documentation a story, Improve the perception of the Others, Raising – awareness on the issue of democracy, diversity and intercultural dialogue.

Direct Beneficiaries: 
6 600
Thursday, 1 August 2013 to Monday, 14 July 2014