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Council of Olesa de Montserrat (Spain)
Servei Civil International Catalunya -SCI-Cat- (Spain)
Irenia Peace Games (Spain)
Club Culturel Ali Belhouane (Tunisia)
• Institute for Leadership Excellence (Jordan) and its local partner; I-Dare for Sustainable Development (I-Dare)
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The project is based in an already existing program (Conviure a la Mediterrània) of intercultural education workshops focused on the Mediterranean cultures, using games as methodological tools, which’s being developed since 2002 in Catalonia and has become one of the winners of the 2011 UNAOC Intercultural Innovation Award (, among other reasons, because the Jury considered the huge possibilities of escalating and replicating in other Euromed countries and in non-formal education environments. The present project is one of the outcomes of a Training&Networking seminar that has taken place in November funded by YiA.3.1 program and sponsored by UNAOC, where 30 representatives from 9 different CSO from Euromed countries took part.
It aims:
• In Jordan and Tunisia To adapt and replicate the program through 2 training courses  for youth teachers and educators on methodologies using games to work Interculturalism with children and youth and to run 2 pilot programs of workshops in schools and youth clubs in these countries.
• In Spain To develop the program in 2 two towns during the school year 2013-2014 introducing new activities (international workcamp and ALF’s Citizens Exchange Program)
• In both shores of the Sea  to improve some of the existing tools/games and prepare new ones in order to enable them to be used
These main actions will be the first steps to establish links between schools and youth clubs from both shores of the Mediterranean.

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2 200
Monday, September 2, 2013 to Tuesday, July 15, 2014