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Longitudes of inclusion and Democracy

Diakonisches Werk Bremen, Germany
Uniamoci Onlus, Italy
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"The project longitudes of inclusion and Democracy lead by The Association of Sohag Community Development and Caring Children with Special Needs (SNA)/ Egypt is primarily workshops and research.
The specific objective of the project is to encounter the life situation of persons with disabilities in Europe and the Mediterranean region and the connection their inclusion in society has to the realisation of democratic values in a society. Disabled Persons in the cities of the three partners will show their life, work and leisure time in short films and other exhibits which are put together in workshops into the presentation of a virtual “voyage” along a “longitude” , the classical crossroad of the Mediterranean world (Sicily) and a city in Egypt which combine old pharaonic, Islamic and Coptic culture with modern achievements and challenges.

The project is run in partnership with Diakonisches Werk Bremen/ Germany and Uniamoci Onlus/ Italy.

The main target group addressed in this project are youth and women with special needs.
It will take place in (Sohag/Egypt) and in (Sicily/Italy) The project will be implemented between (starting date 1/Oct. 2012 and end date 30/Sept. 2013)."

The aim of the project is to stress and establish the necessity to see the inclusion of
disabled persons in society as a decisive step on the way to realize and develop
democratic values and to give them opportunities to participate in projects which show
their life situation in a local and international context.

  • In addition to create spaces for expression and enhancing the democratic values
  • Enhancing the spirit of respect and tolerance towards culture diversity
  • Creating a good learning environment and offering the disabled young people a good
  • opportunity for inclusion
  • Enhancing creativity and artistic skills of the participants through making films
  • Promote youth exchanges and the increased mobility of disabled young people through
  • intercultural dialogue
  • Using art and cultural activities in order to combat cultural misunderstanding and create a
  • spirit of cooperation of participants trough several joint intercultural actions.
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2 000
Friday, March 1, 2013 to Sunday, October 13, 2013