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WE Center, Jordan
Zavod Apis, Slovenia
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The central aim of the project is to promote the understanding of the role of migrations and migrants as facilitators of intercultural learning and exchange. Migrants are often judged negatively because of consequences of their unsuccessful social integration, often based on lack of understanding and acceptance by the general population. Still, they possess valuable (inter)cultural capital with immense potential for advancement of socio-cultural development of society. Civil society organizations Slovene Philanthropy, WE Center and Institute Apis are all actively contributing to the local and regional promotion of intercultural dialogue and aim to promote understanding of migrations and diversity as pillars of intercultural collaboration. We wish to combine our knowledge and experience in the field of migration, youth work and use of multimedia/digital communication tools by designing a comprehensive training course focused on activist use of widely available multimedia and communication tools for 30 youngsters living in Slovenia and Jordan (including individuals with migrant and minority backgrounds). With acquired knowledge and skills they will be able to express their thoughts on migrations and intercultural dialogue in the form of multimedia projects and become promoters of intercultural collaboration in their community. Their work
will be promoted in various public presentations within the Festival of Migrant Film in Slovenia, multiple screenings and cultural events in Jordan, through the Pankultikum platform video portal and other viral channels with the aim of promotion of acceptance of diversity and intercultural dialogue. Projected activities will take place in Ljubljana and other towns in Slovenia and in Amman, Jordan.
Additionally, in Jordan the project has been renamed into “Mother land” (always accompanied by the original title – Pankultikum – as a subtitle) so it can be better understood among the local target group and general audience.

Project aims to promote understanding of the intercultural dimension of migrations and cultural capital of migrants as facilitators of intercultural dialogue. Introduction to activist and participatory use of digital media will enable participants to articulate and share their opinions on cultural diversity and promote inclusion of marginalized groups

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The web portal containing all info about project activities and produced results/outcomes will go live by the end of February 2014.

Thursday, August 1, 2013 to Tuesday, July 15, 2014