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Transcending Narratives: Youth Developing Inclusive Societies in Romania, Israel and Palestine

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Windows – Channels for Communication, Israel
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The project is developed by the Ratiu Center for Democracy in partnership with Windows – Channels for Communication, under the ALF promoted value of Dialogue between Cultures. It is designed to offer a framework of transnational youth cooperation for people who live in Euro-Med communities, where multi-culturalism is a need and a value that we seek to promote through a piliot program between Romania, Palestine and Israel.
The program incorporates 24 participants from these three places and 7 staff members of the 2 partner organizations. Together, the partners organize four events during which they engage in dialogue on the challenges of and solutions for successful multicultural communities. The dialogue leads to on-going cooperation, through a web-based channel of communication, where youth research and design programs which model multi-cultural values. The project thus promotes cooperation leading to social and cultural diversity at local, regional and global levels. The project benefits the participants, their communities and the Euro-Med region through the development of a sustainable framework of transnational cooperation and community activism. The project benefits the participants, directly, but also their communities, by setting a sustainable framework which can be undertook to develop partnerships with other youth organizations around the Euro-Med region.

To promote intercultural dialogue between youth in Euro-Med countries by utilizing diversity as a tool for cohesion and cooperation within the framework of a youth-designed model of transnational learning and activism, which engages local communities in fostering pluralistic and inclusive democracies.

  • Promoted intercultural dialogue as a means to share methods for spreading democratic values, for promoting diversity and multi-culturalism and for enabling social development between Romanian and Palestinian/Israeli youth and educators.
  • Youth designed web-based channel of communication, as a way to cooperatively plan community activities in Romania, Israel and Palestine.
  • Youth led organized community outreach through an event designed by participants throughout their exchange and working sessions.
  • Developed sustainable model for youth-led learning and activism utilizing values of diversity and multiculturalism, creative means of education and social media and technology to overcome physical frontiers in a pursuit of personal and social development.
Direct Beneficiaries: 
Saturday, 21 July 2012 to Saturday, 20 July 2013