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Video Advocacy Action V-A-A

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Hungarian Civil Liberties Union, Hungary
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Amel House of Human Rights, Amel Association’s Human Rights Program (hereinafter AHHR), launched in 2012 a video advocacy initiative aimed at producing, publishing and disseminating online videos on human rights, development and democracy in Lebanon and the Middle East.
For this purpose, AHHR partnered with the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (hereinafter HCLU) in a project entitled “Video Advocacy Action V-A-A”. The HCLU has had significant video advocacy experience since 2007, and will afford, as part of this project, video advocacy training to human rights NGOs in Lebanon. The training will be followed by a coaching phase, led by AHHR, during which all participating organizations will produce films related to their work, laying the foundation of a network of organizations sharing resources on a sustainable video advocacy platform. HCLU will evaluate the produced films and provide feedback, and the project will be concluded with a study visit for several trainees from the project to HCLU in Hungary.
The Video Advocacy Action V-A-A aims at identifying dozens of producers or contributors from a variety of organizations defending human rights and promoting democratic values. A coordination team and a single video publishing platform and an online channel,, in which all stakeholder organizations can publish, was established.

The project, Video Advocacy Action V-A-A, aims to establish a collective of NGOs in Lebanon cooperating and sharing resources to sustainably produce, publish and disseminate Internet film which promotes human rights, development and democracy in Lebanon, and on the longer term in the MENA region.

More Information: 

On this link, you will find downloadable 4 short videos produced as part of the training, as well as 2 “making of” videos (also produced by the participants) related to two of the 4 participant produced videos.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012 to Friday, 31 May 2013