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Voyages du Geste 7 - "Looking for a Spring"

Association Trisunic – Collectif Subito Presto, France
Al-Harah Theater, Palestine
Propositário Azul, Associação Artística, Portugal
Associazione Teatrale Còrai, Italy
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Voyages du Geste 7 - “Looking for a Spring” is a project building on a 12-year partnership within the “Voyages du Geste” network and consisting of a 16-day interdisciplinary residency to build the artistic and human capacities of 20 young performance artists from 5 Euro-Mediterranean countries. The residency will be held in Lebanon and will be jointly run by trainers from the partner associations, in a multicultural and non academic context. Participants and trainers will engage in a common reflection around the theme “Looking for a Spring”, raising questions such as: What is Revolution? What is Rebirth? What is Democracy? etc.
In the beginning, the trainers will engage in a 1-week exchange to discuss methodologies and interdisciplinary approaches to be integrated in the residency, then hold an organizational meeting to finalize the preparations. During the residency, the artists will attend training workshops in different Performing Arts disciplines (Alexander technique, voice, storytelling, puppets, movement, etc.) to create scenes around the proposed theme. At the end of the project, a trilingual book about the 6 previous residencies and other “Voyages du Geste” projects will be published to share this collaborative model and the experiences gained from it with a wider audience.

Contribute to increasing the employment rate of young performance artists in the Euro-Mediterranean region.
Build the capacities of young performance artists from 5 Euro-Mediterranean countries within a multicultural and interdisciplinary context.

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Saturday, December 1, 2012 to Monday, September 30, 2013