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Juan Ramon Campos Macias

Organisation Description: 

To revive social habits of living the music and to reproduce traditional dances for new generations to experience past customs. To recover cultural practices by supporting records, co-productions, artistic creation, research, training of teachers.

Good Practice: 

The main goal of Euro-Mediterranean Orchestra is the promotion of inter-cultural dialogue between young people through traditional music and dances as we consider that music and dance are one the best bridges between cultures, countries and generations.

Project Idea: 

Project Name: Anna Lindh Orchestra

Main Goal: To create an international networking with partners of Anna Lindh Fundation to spread our folk music and dances through of the artistic residence.

1-To prepare a repertory (15-20 tunes from Euro-Mediterranean zone) during 10-15 days.
2-To achieve concerts in some festivals like Andan?§as.
3-Recording all process and create a teaser to promote the project.
4- Communication plan:
Human Resources: 1 coordinator-executive producer/ 4 Artistic directors/ 1 technician sound/ 1 communication manager.