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Katarina Blomqvist

Organisation Description: 

KVINFO is Denmark knowledge center for gender, equality and diversity. We work nationally and internationally through dialogue and partnership to activate knowledge and find new ways to achieve gender equality - in Denmark and in the MENA region

Good Practice: 

I would like to present a project of Embroidery as a catalyst for change in the labour market in Morocco and Denmark - a successful KVINFO project that challenges Moroccan gender roles and Danish Syllabi and has created cross cultural dialogue and understanding and capacity building of both Danish and Moroccan participants.
The project is a cooperation between a women's cooperative in Denmark and Danish Design schoool

Project Idea: 

The refugee influx to Europe and Denmark has created tension - as the New Years Eve event in Cologne showed gender roles, women's role in society are in the core of the inter cultural tensions. In Denmark there is currently a fierce debate on the teachings on gender and women's role in the mosques in Denmark. In Egypt Islamic feminism is well developed and a dialogue project where muslim feminists from Egypt enter into dialogue with muslim community in Denmark could be a way to enhance inclusiv and women friendly culture and thinking in the Muslim communities in Denmark. The project is in the early stage - the idea has to be futher explored and developed. Potential Egyptian partner is identified