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Martha Bouziouri

Cultural Innovators Network
Organisation Description: 

CIN is a cross-sectoral, cross-cultural network of young activists from EUROMENA. Our network promotes mechanisms of democratic, inclusive discourse, exchange of working experiences, innovative approaches and mutual consultation & cooperation.

Good Practice: 

Cultural Innovators Network is a cross-sectoral and cross-cultural network of young activists from countries north and south of the Mediterranean. It aims to promote cultural experimentation and innovation across
borders, as we see creativity as a fundamental component of change. We stand for democracy, knowledge, mobility, diversity and exploration, executed on a local, regional and international level. Since 2012, we have implemented more than 30 projects in 13 countries which have contributed to change and innovation in local societies. From media, to arts, to social entrepreneurship, to active citizenship, to peace work-CIN is building its unique personality as a cross-cultural and cross-sectoral platform for innovation.

Project Idea: 

The Dome Project is a cross-media umbrella project that maps, networks & empowers solidarity initiatives across EUROMENA. Maintaining a strong sociopolitical awareness, its focus is determined by the current challenges and transformations occurring in the region. At the moment, we focus on the escalating refugee issue. In order to best achieve its objectives & maximise its impact, it combines a variety of tools:
-map solidarity initiatives via its online maps tool
-network solidarity initiatives via its website, as well as via its visibility and community-building events (forums, conferences, open talks)
-empower solidarity initiatives via editorials, knowledge exchange & capacity building activities.
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