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Meet the Team



Senior Monitoring Officer for CSO Grants

Nagla is in charge of leading good practice analysis and capturing the impact of the Foundation's grant support to CSOs. Through this role, she develops the monitoring and evaluation system connected to the grant support in the Euro-Med Region, in close coordination with the ALF CSO Network. Since joining the Foundation in 2012 she has been engaged in the development and management of different projects, adapting to the emerging Mediterranean context, including cultural mobility and capacity building programmes with young people. As a regional expert and consultant, she worked for different organisations, such as evaluating a youth CSO capacity programme in Gaza. She was invited to the EuroMeSCo Think Tank in relation to her analyzes of the EU grant support instrument for CSOs in/to Jordan and published on youth mobility. She has a double degree,  M.A. in Euroculture (Erasmus Mundus Programme of Excellence) work experience with German Foundations and as a trainee with the European Union Delegation to Jordan.


Driver at the Headquarters of the Foundation

Adel is employed at the Anna Lindh Foundation as its driver, facilitating the day-to-day work of the Executive Director and members of the Executive at the Foundation, while providing a courtesy service for international delegates involved in the action of the Foundation Secretariat. Adel has worked at the Foundation for more than a decade supporting the work of different Executive Directors during this period.


Executive Director

Dr. Nabil Al-Sharif is Executive Director of the Anna Lindh Foundation, the central institution and movement for intercultural dialogue across the Mediterranean. Former Senator, Ambassador and Minister for the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Nabil Al-Sharif has extensive experience in public service and international cooperation. In the domain of media and communication, he held the post of Minister of Media Affairs, was Editor-in-Chief of Ad-Dustour Arabic daily newspaper, and is former Chair of the Jordanian Media Institute (JMI). Through his diplomatic work, he was nominated Jordan’s Ambassador to Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal. Dr Al-Sharif obtained his PhD and MA in English Literature from Indiana University in the US. He was also the cultural editor of a local Jordanian daily and wrote extensively both in Arabic and English on the need for enhancing and investing in inter-cultural and civil society dialogue.



Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange Online Debate Community Manager

Aissam joined the Foundation in 2018 as Online Debates Manager for the project Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange, a groundbreaking project by the European Commission enabling young people to engage in meaningful intercultural experiences online. Aissam manages an online debate community of youth from the EU and the Southern Mediterranean, and is in charge of developing an online debate resource centre. Prior to his work at the Foundation, he has the founded of the Young Mediterranean Voices in Algeria, where he trained +500 debaters and trainers and contributed to the creation of +25 debate clubs. He has also experience in research at the German Institute of International and Security Affairs in Berlin. Aissam holds an MA in International Studies and Diplomacy and an MA in International Economic Law.



Institutional Affairs Officer

Nourane coordinates the Foundation’s regional alumni network, mapping and identifying opportunities for the regional “Alumni Network” database including the coordination of the alumni profiles resource centre, and alumni network building. She holds a B.A in French Literature from Alexandria University, Egypt. She has joined the Anna Lindh Foundation in 2014 and is currently contributing to the overall implementation of the flagship Programme “Young Mediterranean Voices” (YMV). Nourane’s portfolio of work includes supporting coordination of institutional relations with the Foundation’s principal partners, including the UN, Arab League, and EU institutions. She also works with the communication division to support digital media outreach initiatives and campaigns. Prior to joining the Foundation, Nourane worked as an educator and youth worker, with a specialist focus on artistic cooperation and research.



Office Clerk

Ayman has worked at the Anna Lindh Foundation Headquarters in Alexandria since its inception phase in 2005. During that time Ayman has primarily worked as an office clerk at the Foundation, with responsibilities ranging from data processing to supporting internal information management, areas of responsibility that provide overall support to the day-to-day functioning of the international secretariat.


Digital and social media Expert for Young Meditteranean Voices

Esmat is developing the social media strategy and plan for Young Mediterranean Voices. She is a Young Med Voices alumni who has taken part in many international youth-led organizations working in intercultural exchange and youth political inclusion. She is a founder of Young Mediterranean Voices in Egypt. She is also a debate trainer, debater and adjudicator, and member of the core team of Young Mediterranean Voices Plus. Esmat is co-founder of “Debate for Life” and “Engaging-Empowerment Egyptian Youth (E-Youth)”, training Egyptian youth on debate, dialogue and entrepreneurial skills. She is passionate about structured cross-cultural dialogue and debates. Esmat is part of the 36 Youth fellows of the AU EU youth plug in initiative, and contributed to the Youth Agenda presented to Heads of State at the Abidjan Summit in November 2017.



Director Administration and Operations

Cristiana joined the Foundation in 2015 to head the administration unit, overseeing its new policies for international financial management. As member of the Executive and Director of Administration and Operations, Cristiana has primary leadership responsibilities for the overall financial management of the Foundation, its grant operations across 42 countries, and responsibilities for the day-to-day running of the institution as Deputy Executive Director. Prior to joining the Foundation, she worked as senior and regional project manager responsible for implementing co-operation programmes related to EU development policies, mainly in the domains of education and training sectors. Cristiana has also worked on mobility schemes between the EU and partner countries, and has more than twenty years of experience in working on EU cooperation initiatives.



Corporate Finance Officer

Akram is mainly responsible for supporting the corporate finance function of the Foundation, ensuring support for accountability and contributing to the preparation of the regular financial reports and effectively support systems and online tools for financial management. Prior to joining the Foundation in 2010, Akram was working as Financial Manager at a Swiss corporate company owned by Ameropa Holding. He holds a B.A in Finance and a Master degree in Investment Management.



Head of Intercultural Trends Research and Programming

Eleonora is one of the founders of the Foundation working as member of its international team since the inception of the institution in 2005. In her role as head of research and programming, Eleonora coordinates the Foundation’s flagship report on “Intercultural Trends in the Euro-Mediterranean region” and leads the organisation’s evidence-based programming for regional cooperation and CSO support. She has led the development of many of the Foundation’s main programmes, including the first Education Handbook on Intercultural Citizenship and the landmark Mediterranean Forum. Prior to joining the Foundation, Eleonora began her international career through assignments with the European Commission in Brussels and Italian Consulate in Cairo. She is a graduate of the College of Europe, with academic expertise in the fields of Euro-Med cooperation, Islamic studies and global citizenship education.



Grants Manager at the Foundation

Wafaa is member of the international team, joining the Foundation in 2009 to work on the development of monitoring and evaluation. With extensive international development experience, her role as Grants Manager is to develop and manage the Foundation’s call for project proposals to civil society networks in more than forty Member States, including  capacity building and effective monitoring support. As part of her role, she also defines and leads field missions in the Mediterranean region to assess the impact of the supported intercultural action and contribute to the Foundation’s role as an intercultural resource centre for Mediterranean civil society. Wafaa has more than 20 years  international experience, she worked for the United Nations for Relief and Works Agency UNRWA, the American Near East Refugee Aid ANERA, and at the leading provider of consulting and engineering services Tetra-Tech as Grants Specialist.


Officer for Outreach and Management Support

Fatma joined the Foundation in 2010 and has contributed to the development of the organisation’s institutional affairs and relations, communication policy, and networks management. In her role as Officer for Outreach and Management Support, Fatma works to develop and manage the funding schemes designed by the Foundation for the financial support of the Network focal points at country level. On the strategic level, Fatma works on a daily basis to liaise with the Network focal points in each country to provide the needed technical support for capacity building and for the growth and empowerment of the national networks. Prior to joining the Foundation, Fatma worked at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina as a specialist in resource development and handling different Euro-Mediterranean cooperation projects and EU funding programmes; she has 11 years of working experience.



Senior Procurement and Contract Officer

Karim supports the development of guidelines for procurement and contracts in line with the policies of the Foundation. Karim ensures the development of procurement practice and provides the required capacity building and support for staff and networks. Prior to joining the Foundation in 2012, Karim was Thomas Cook LTD customer services senior counselor, with whom he also supported the organisation of several international events of the Anna Lindh Foundation. Karim holds a Bachelor of Law since 2005 and was working as a lawyer for three years.



Head of Corporate Finance

Christine joined the Foundation in 2005 during the inception phase of the international organisation. Through her role, Christine manages and heads the corporate finance of the organisation, tracking its core expenditure and providing regular forecast projections.  She is responsible for the administration, dissemination and guardianship of key financial management information systems at the Foundation headquarters, and provides guidance on the strategic engagement with Member States and donors. Prior to joining the Foundation in 2005, Christine worked in various finance management positions including as senior accountant and accounting officer, and has work experience with the professional service and audit company KPMG.


Grants Officer

As the Foundation’s Grants Officer, Marian ensures the implementation of the call for proposals and grantee selection processes including supporting review and assessment of proposals and monitoring and evaluation frameworks, and monitoring the implementation of grantee projects. Prior to this, Marian worked on various projects of the Foundation, including call for proposals and the grants scheme for the Young Arab Voices programme, and is a human resource support officer. Marian was working at the audit firm Deloitte before joining the Foundation in 2006.


Office Clerk

Ramadan works at the Anna Lindh Foundation Headquarters in Alexandria as an office clerk, with responsibilities ranging from data processing to supporting internal information management, areas of responsibility that provide overall support to the day-to-day functioning of the international secretariat.



Coordinator of the Executive Support Office

Hoda was among the founding staff of the Foundation, contributing to the establishment of the first Euro-Med dialogue institution. As Executive Assistant and coordinator of the Executive Support Office, she is in charge of ensuring the agenda of the President and Executive Director of the Foundation. She also coordinates the logistical preparation of the Foundation statutory bodies and the annual meetings of the Foundation Board of Governors, Advisory Council and Heads of National CSO Networks. Prior to joining the Foundation, Hoda worked for more than a decade at the World Health Organisation (WHO) including providing support to Emergency and Humanitarian Action, and coordinating mobilisation units.



Office Clerk

Ahmed works at the Foundation Headquarters in Alexandria as an office clerk, with responsibilities ranging from data processing to supporting internal information management, areas of responsibility that provide overall support to the day-to-day functioning of the international secretariat.


Finance Officer

Amr is Finance Officer, supporting the financial dimension of the Foundation including the Young Mediterranean Voices Action Grant and core functions. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in commerce, started his career as an auditor in KPMG in 2007, for over 5 years in the field he has accumulated an impressive experience in both internal and external auditing in several business sectors. He joined the Anna Lindh Foundation in 2012, and has been engaged in a wide range of operations from the landmark MED FORUM and Foundation 10th Anniversary conference to areas of grant support.


Mediterranean Forum (MED FORUM) Director

Aida joined the Foundation in 2018 to lead and coordinate its flagship MED FORUM, the largest civil society gathering and most influential process of its kind for intercultural dialogue in the Mediterranean region. She is a successful communications executive with extensive experience in media engagement, cultural relations across the Middle East, Balkans and Europe. She has also been involved in leader group award-winning television debating programme broadcasts with international media including BBC World News and Deutshe Welle.  During her media career, Aida worked for the Hallmark Channel International managing Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Turkey and Greece. She has also been adjunct faculty in political science at the University of Colorado at Denver and the Community College of Aurora, Colorado, teaching courses on American National Government and Introduction to Political Science. Aida holds a B.A. in International Affairs and an M.A. in Political Science from the University of Colorado.


Institutional Affairs Executive

Christine supports the preparation of institutional events and in collaboration with institutional partners, and assists in organising the travel, logistical and administration matters related to institutional agenda. Christine joined the Foundation in 2016 to support the preparation of the Med Forum in Malta, and has since assisted in the development of programming areas. Christine’s experience prior to the Foundation includes the World Health Organisation where she supported research work and publications. Christine has a Bachelor (BSc) of pharmacy from Alexandria University and is the holder of Master of Business Administration (MBA) from ESLSCA Business School.



Coordinator of Young Mediterranean Voices

Regina joined the Foundation in 2015 to build the institution’s new communication policy across 42 member states, with more than a decade of professional work in the domain of journalism and strategic communication. Prior to the Foundation, Regina worked for the United Nations University to develop research initiatives on migration and culture, and for the UN Development Programme on the regional programme in Latin America and the Caribbean. As a journalist, she worked across Europe and South America, including reporting work in Brussels with the European Union institutions. Through her role as coordinator of Young Mediterranean Voices, Regina is playing a central role in bringing for the first time a pan-Arab youth-led programme to the EU and Euro-Med level, as well as broadening its reach through pioneering work on Virtual Exchange with youth associations.



Director of Strategy and Partnerships

Paul is director of strategy and partnerships at the Anna Lindh Foundation, providing leadership to the Foundation’s business development function, EU liaison and relations with multilateral partner institutions. Through his work with the Foundation since its inception phase, he has played a central role in the organisation’s response to landmark events in the Mediterranean, from the “Cartoon Crisis” (2006) and “Gaza War” (2009) to the historic Arab social uprisings of 2011. He is co-creator of “Young Mediterranean Voices” (and its successful precursor “Young Arab Voices”) and member of the Global Coalition on Youth, Peace and Security, the first UN-CSO-Donor working group on Youth Participation in Peacebuilding. Prior to joining the Foundation, Paul was Executive Director of the international NGO “Global Voice” where he led a series of multi-country, award-winning projects in the domain of good governance, creative enterprise and civil society development.