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4th Lyceum of Kalamaria

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Great Alejander & An. Thrakis 1
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Organisation Type: 
Public Institution
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General Information: 

4th Lyceum of Kalamaria –Thessaloniki is a public secondary general and athletic school education founded in 1976. It has 320 students ages of 16-18 years and 80 professors. Is constituted by two departments the general and athletic department in which the students are prepared in order to become professional athletes. The school constitutes centre of Information Technology for the city after it allocates five laboratories of Information Technology which are supported by the Pan-Hellenic School Network. The school and the department of information technology is concretely supported by the following institutions:Aristotle University Thessalonica (Department of Chemistry, Department of Information technology, Department of French History. Technical University Thessalonica University , Centers of Environmental Education, and by the Aristotle University.

Mission and Objectives: 

In our school beyond the basic knowledge and the supplies for our students we try to teach them to be open in other cultures , to use foreigner languages, to learn about their country cultural traditions also as well and populations from other countries. They also learn how to use the new technologies to communicate.

Main Projects / Activities: 

The school has been distinguished in competitions of Mathematics, Information Technology, and in Athletic Events. In 2003 our students were first in the Pan-Hellenic Competition of Information Technology and Mathematics, took part in the Balkan Olympic Games of Information Technology, and came out first in the European Championship of Rhythmical Gymnastics. Also the school participates in a lot of activities as competitions of Painting, Tele-education, Communication , Exchange of Educational Material via Internet , Network Organization of online courses, collaboration with Universities for the safety of tour in Internet, network events of European Union (Spring Day of Europe), Electronic Twinning with schools of abroad , programs of Environmental Education and Education of Health. We are also participate as partners in a Comenius-3 Network for Alimentary Culture.

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Tzafou Emily
Head of the organisation: 
Maniatis Athanasios
Contact (2) Full Name: 
Lironi Androniki

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