abna El-Mahrousa Center for Socioeconomic Development

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4 Seket Elish., in front of Hamammat el-Qoba metro station.

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002- 1283081119
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Public/Private Non-Profit Foundation
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Democracy and community development
General Information
Structure: 5 full-time employees. Sources of funding: grants Main partner: Resources for Development Center (RDC), Egypt
Mission and Objectives

Mission Statement: MCSD is a developmental organization founded by a closely-knit group of Egyptian youth who enjoy broad expertise in community development through both individual as well as collective initiatives. The Center aims to enhance respect for socioeconomic rights through training programs, human rights education, civic education, developmental interventions, and service delivery. The Center employs both conventional tools, such as direct trainings, along with the newly available technological innovations, i.e., e-learning and new social media, to support its programming. Overall guidance for the Center’s activities comes from its members strong conviction that human rights and practical, hands-on, actions are the prime tools to achieve socioeconomic rights and equality for all members of the Egyptian citizenry. Goals: 1. Disseminating education and raising awareness of socioeconomic rights and how to, advocate, attain, and protect them. 2. Empowering labor unions and professional syndicates to carry out their message to the highest standard of achievement possible in order to better serve their members and to contribute efficaciously to Egypt’s economic transition to a developed market economy. 3. Supporting women and children as per national and international human rights instruments. 4. Advancing the role of youth in civic life and their economic contributions to their communities by developing their skills and employability in accordance with market needs. 5. Contributing to strengthening democratic practices and fundamental freedoms while safeguarding the rights of individual citizens.

Main Projects / Activities

- Economic development campaigns and programmes - Disadvantaged women empowerment activities - Youth employment and training workshops - Advocating for decentralization.

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hany Ibrhim
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Exactive Director
Head of the organisation
hany Ibrhim
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Rowida Omar
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International relationship coordinator