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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Arts
  2. Gender
  3. Human rights
  4. International/Cultural relations
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  7. Youth and education
General Information
AL Thori Silwan Women Center is an association established in 2007, within very critical social circumstances which the holy town face for the occupation and siege imposed on Jerusalem. Through programs, activities and services presenting to surrounding community. AWC aiming to encourage and develop female activities to protect the traditions and to develop their future. Giving women the chance to acknowledge and develop understanding with reference to needs and proprieties of Palestinian Jerusalemite women , the center also focus on organizing variety of cultural and social activities in its different spheres. The vision is to enhance and develop the women skills and creative skills- competences- (that qualify them to perform an positive role in Jerusalemite community) on one hand – and exploring international horizons for cooperation for them to serve this objective and enhance their leadership role in the field of participation in the development activities and programs in this era.
Mission and Objectives

Abu Tur Women Center is social empowerment and resource that advances gender equity and social justice through education, training, advocacy, and leadership for the women community in Silwan and Al Thori neighborhoods.

Main Projects / Activities

1- Preparing a survey for organizations working in the same field locally and internationally
2- Implementing the different projects for the different targeted groups ( elderly, youth, women, disabled, and handicapped)
3- Networking and coordination between the association and the international youth organizations
4- Implementing various training activities and workshops in cooperation with other professional organizations:
I. Workshop on women right
II. Workshop on legal issues of women programs
III. Training program on development contribution for women programs in Jerusalem
IV. Series of activities on the social value of women role in the community
Currently running programs:
V. Project funded by Theodore Springman Foundation-Germany, currently running in the center, the project targeted various sectors in the surrounding community.
VI. Family rehabilitation program
VII. Needy family program and activities, this aim to provide assistance to needy families with basic food needs on daily basis, this implemented in cooperation with Bait Al Mal Foundation in Morocco
VIII. Students academic program for various school curriculums with focus on Math , Arabic and English
IX. Other activities

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

AWC will be able to contribute positively with reference to ALF work on the national level, and some elaborations:
o AWC has an extensive skills and knowledge with reference to working with women in Jerusalem
o AWC will contribute develop some training curriculums that tackle women issues
o AWC has good and efficient collaboration plan with Palestinian Jerusalemite NGOs
o AWC will work closely with Jerusalemite community and women organization for the betterment of women role in Jerusalemite society

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We as the women center would like to join the ALF because of various reasons:
o The importance of the Ana lindh foundation on the national, regional and international levels
o The willingness of the AWC to develop the networking and communication skills
o The willingness to meet with European and meda partners
o The importance of sharing knowledge and best practices with members of ALF
o Developing mutual activities and programs between the ALF partners

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