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Students’ House, University of Malta, Tal-Qroqq

(+356) 79702452
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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Youth and education
General Information
AEGEE-Valletta is an antenna of AEGEE-Europe; one of the biggest interdisciplinary student associations in Europe; it is represented by 15000 students, active in 241 cities in 40 countries around Europe, presenting an amazing culture variety. AEGEE is a secular, non-profit, non-political organization. All projects and activities are based on the voluntarily action of its members, numbering around 200, 40 being active. AEGEE works towards a European ideal by organizing and participating in Seminars, Action Weeks and Leisure Events, Summer Universities and youth exchanges. Funding is through European programmes, sponsorships, government grants and membership fees, the budget varying annually according to the amount/type of projects held.
Mission and Objectives

The general aims of AEGEE are: to promote a unified Europe without prejudices, to strive for creating an open and tolerant society of today and tomorrow, to foster democracy, human rights, tolerance, cross-boarder co-operation, mobility and European dimension in education.
The main fields of action are Cultural Exchange, Active Citizenship, Higher Education and Peace & Stability.

Main Projects / Activities

Action Days - a day of focusing on a particular topic in all AEGEE locals providing a great and composition of results, e.g. European Day of Languages
Case Study Trips -research trips aiming to increase the knowledge on a specific topic in a particular country.
Summer Universities Every year, in around 100 cities, multicultural groups of 20-50 young people, enjoy together the wonders of cultural variety.
Trainings – AEGEE offers a professional Internal Education System with about 8 international trainings and many Local Training Courses per year. Trainings - a combination between theory and practice - are a tool of knowledge transfer within the organization, help members to develop their personal skills and complement education with lifetime experiences.

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Bernice Saliba (SecGen)
Head of the organisation
Chris Frendo (President AEGEE-Valletta)