Afikim BaNegev

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Public/Private Non-Profit Foundation
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  1. Heritage
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  3. Youth and education
General Information
1. - The Managing Board- 4 members - organization CEO - Office staff- 4 people - 47 employees. 2. Budgetary Resources: Ministry of Welfare, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Housing-Neighborhood Rehabilitation, Ministry of Absorption, Local Municipality, Government Legacy Fund 3. Sources of Funding- Foundations and Private donors: Keren Rut Bat Sarah, Glencore Foundation, Keren Oran, Jewish Child's Day, Shaalei Torah. 5. Meir Panim Organization.
Mission and Objectives

The goal of Afikim BaNegev is to promote advances in education, Judaism and social welfare in the Negev development city of Sderot, one of Israel's poorest cities. Our group lives in the town and therefore can have a better overall impact on its citizens. We strive to make the city of Sderot a better place to live in by providing educational and social activities for the benefit of the city's children, youth and adults. We also help parents and children deal with the constant threat of Kassam missiles being fired at the town.

Main Projects / Activities

1. After-school clubhouses for veteran and olim children and youth at risk: Activities are held 4 afternoons a week and include: (A) Tutoring help, homework assistance; (B) Enrichment and trauma treatment workshops; (D) Mental empowerment and values-enrichment programs in-group work format; (E) Ongoing activity equipment available for use at the Clubhouse such as table tennis, computer, games, library; (F) Hot lunch program provides each teen with nourishing, hot meal daily.
2. Study and Enrichment Center- including a library, computer lab, lecture hall and spacious room for all the children in Sderot
3. Charitable Center: Aid for the needy – clothing, food, etc.
4. Educational Institutions – formal and informal education

Contact (1) Full Name
Mrs. Odelia Ben Porat
Head of the organisation
Mrs. Shlomit Ekshtein, CEO
Contact (2) Full Name
Mrs. Eliraz Hajaj