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National Network

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13003 Marseille

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Organisation Type
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Arts
  2. Democracy and community development
  3. International/Cultural relations
  4. Youth and education
General Information
1. Association law 1901. 11 permanent employees, 4 regular intervening artists, occasional contracts. 2. 800.000 euros/year. / 3. State, local Authorities, European Union, private Organizations . 4. Festivals, Concerts, regular Workshops of artistic practices (local), Studios of repetition and creation, international Programs of artistic cooperation, Seminars, Support to the emergent operators. 5. Ministry of the Culture, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Town of Marseilles, the Regional Council PACA, the General Council of the Rhone delta, Delegation of European Commission in Syria
Mission and Objectives

Labellisé National Centers of the current musics development since 1998, the A.M.I has the role of developing and of perennializing a platform to serve the artists. This service goes from the creative questionning (workshops, studios of repetition, residences), with the diffusion (festivals, concerts, workshops) and with the assistance of the young operators in their initiatives in socio-economic matter. The work of local and national development is relayed by an important sector:“international artistic co-operation”. L'ami is also very active in the construction and the promotion of the European cultural networks.

Main Projects / Activities

> MIMI Festtival : international board of current musics, 21st edition > creation residences and command of original works > Direct Factories: workshops residences with public presentation > Studios of repetition and creation, disposal to the artists amateurs and professionals . > CADO: Cells of support to the operators development . > international Programs ORMUZ : Europe/ Middle East cooperation (workshops, Cado, itinerant festival) CAURI: Europe/Central Africa cooperation (workshops, Cado, Mimi South Festival .) FLYING CARPET: Europe/Maghreb/Marrakech cooperation (being prepared).

Contact (1) Full Name
M. Ferdinand Richard (Directeur)
Head of the organisation
Mme Marie Tortosa Lazarevitch
Contact (2) Full Name
Cécilia JUMEZ