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General Information
Strategy and Methodology - MSD’s strategies and philosophy: “Human Rights First” - Who we are: Al-Maqdese for Society Development (MSD) is a Palestinian non-profit and politically independent non-governmental organization established in Jerusalem in February 2007 as an initiative by academics, lawyers, social activists and human rights defenders. Al-Maqdese came as a response to the pressing needs and challenges of the Palestinians, and as a reaction to Israeli daily human rights violations in Jerusalem. - Vision: Our vision is for Palestinians in Jerusalem to enjoy all their political, social, economic and cultural rights. - Mission: Our mission is to maintain the Palestinian existence and balance in Jerusalem by raising their awareness of their rights. We aim to protect these rights through advocacy and lobbying while also monitoring, documenting and publicizing all Israeli violations against Palestinians. - Strategic goals: Al-Maqdese has strategized its work through its 3-year Strategic Plan 2010-2013. The Plan contains 3 goals and 9 objectives, to be achieved through 14 action programs including 74 activities. - MSD’s Developmental approach: Our developmental approach is a “participatory and bottom-up approach”. This includes both: the programmatic/strategic level on the one hand, and the projects and programs interventional level on the other hand. Consequently, to prepare projects’ documents and write project proposals, MSD always goes through a complete design phase (planning phase) of each project. - MSD’s experience in designing and managing programs: In the course of its work years, MSD has planned, designed and implemented several projects and programs. They vary from small initiatives to multi-components projects like the Database Project and the Legal Clinic program. Beneficiaries and participants in MSD activities are not limited to Jerusalemites who live in Jerusalem but also Jerusalemites who live outside the city. For instance, MSD's Legal Clinic receives, through email and phone, request consultations from Jerusalemites who live in Arab countries in addition to other countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. In the course of the past three years, MSD managed 16 projects. Most of these projects are relevant to the local and national plans priorities on different levels. Then MSD insures the relevance of its projects to the priorities of “Ending the Occupation Building the State”. We have successfully won grants from 15 different sources for the 3.5-years organization age, 8 of them are from external donors. In this regard, we, moreover, succeeded in partnering the French Consulate (our new donor) with the Spanish Cooperation-AECID (our first donor since 3 years). MSD both funding growth and financial size improved and shows our work sustainability. For instance, the funding growth was increasingly developed in the course of 2007 – 2008 – 2009 - 2010. Respectively, the annual budget was US$ 19,000 – 100,500 – 305,000 – 407,500 – 331,500. We are proud that our projects were included in the UN CAP 2010 (Consolidated Appeal Process) for the 1st time (project no. OPT-10/P-HR-RL/32874/R/12948), besides projects from international NGOs (link:$FILE/MYR_2010_oPt_SCREEN.pdf?OpenElement), see page 58. It indicates and certifies that MSD is mature enough to design programs, get funds and manage such projects. - Partnerships: We pay a specific attention to create partnerships with other organizations at local, regional and international levels. But, besides that, we choose value added partners, not any partner. The PR and Development Department in MSD carries out this mission.
Mission and Objectives

MSD’s strategic goals are:
1. To defend Palestinian human rights in Jerusalem, by making them readily available and practicable
2. To raise awareness among Palestinians in Jerusalem of their rights, the tools available to get them, and of International Humanitarian Law
3. To continue improving MSD capacities and abilities to achieve its goals, mission and vision
1. Al-Maqdese believes in:
International Humanitarian Law (IHL), International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Human Rights Law, The Four Geneva Conventions, The Hague Regulations, The Universal Human Rights Declaration, The Convention on the Status of Refugees, Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), Convention on the Rights of the Child.
2. Democracy
3. Good governance
4. Civic participation and voluntary work
5. Equality
6. Transparency, integrity and accountability
7. Professionalism and precision
8. Impartiality
9. The rule of law

Main Projects / Activities

Main projects (as of 07/2010):
Closed projects:
 Legal Clinic, phase I (institutionalized as a department)
 Summer Camps Project
 Revive Prophet Moses Season Project
Ongoing projects:
 Legal Clinic, phase II: Human Rights defending, International mechanisms in the confrontation
 Data Bank on Human Rights Violations, phase I
 Reyadah Anti-Drugs Project, phase I: awareness
 Protection of Jerusalemite workers rights in the Israeli labor market, phase I: awareness
 Together for a Better Youth Future – Voluntary Work Program
 Promoting Palestinians Participation in the Elections.
Upcoming projects:
 Data Bank on Human Rights Violations, phase II
 Reyadah Anti-Drugs Project, phase II
 Knowledge of Jerusalem: to preserve the historical legacy
 Protection of Jerusalemite workers rights in the Israeli labor market, phase II: defend in front of courts
1.2 Al-Maqdese Strategic Plan 2010-2013:
As you deal efficiently with the present, it is very important to deal with the future likely. So, Al-Maqdese planned its vision for the medium term for its work field that is dynamic and punctuated with many obstacles and challenges especially in East Jerusalem. We try to plan our work on the existing and future expectation and projection and modality situation but many other surprises appear. And the experiences prove and still proved that many challenges and strategic issues appear or arise because of the outer challenges which need interferes with financial, lobbying and advocacy reflection. For all these reasons, and others, Al-Maqdese set its 3-Years- Strategic- Plan (2010-2013) to be ready to activate it depending on previous evaluation and prediction of the future trends.
We prepared the plan depending on participatory planning approach, which means that, all employees, administrative and technical levels, target groups, different MSD’s governance levels and partners have participated in the planning process to cover all sides. This team has participated in the process from the analysis phase to the formulation of goals and objectives (planning phase).
The analysis phase consists of many trends, the most important, for instance: an analysis of all the Palestinians, Israeli and international organizations active in the human rights field in Jerusalem. The analysis was accurate which classified the work priorities of all organizations on the one hand, and then predicted their work trends in the near future, on the other hand. The objectives behind such analysis are; to avoid repeating other organizations activities, and to meet people’s needs that other organization does not cover. Al-Maqdese through this analysis identified many challenges, needs and violations with no coverage by other organizations.
The strategic vision level, the plan intensively concentrates on the human rights sector as it’s the most pressuring challenge in Jerusalem which needs a confrontation through several serious initiatives and effective programs. We will not ignore the most painful violation against Palestinians in Jerusalem which is house demolitions. While preparing the Plan, we concluded that designing and implementing initiatives in such pressuring environment and cases in the human rights field is essential for both short and long terms.
From structural and content point of view, and after the vision, mission and values, the strategic plan includes 3 goals, 9 strategic objectives; we aim to achieve them through 14 action programs that include 74 different activities.
Through the implementation of these projects, Al-Maqdese will work guided by development and sustainable thinking method and will commit to the following:
Ensure quality in both performance and outputs intended by our beneficiaries.
Insure integration and diversity of activities and programs to realize the notions:”best use of resources” and “Making value for Money”.
Concentrate on programs and projects in the medium term.
Connect the organization mission and priorities with the sector trends and priorities on the national level especially, “Ending the Occupation State Building plan” declares by the Palestinian Government 13/08/2009).
2. Approach of Al-Maqdese:
Organizational profile of MSD is rich in the area of fighting HR violations and effort toward the restoration of socio-economic situation of marginalized areas and group in Jerusalem. MSD is the sole organization who combines these works in this specific area, East Jerusalem. Through publications, advocacy, lobbying and media, MSD strives to raise awareness on HR, their violations as well as on legal, social, cultural and economic rights as basic HR.

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Moaz Zat`ari
Head of the organisation
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Bashar AZZIH