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General Information
The Factory is a non-profit, independent cultural organization that aims to develop, enhance and enrich the cultural and artistic orientation and consumption of Palestinian Arabs living in Israel. It was established in 2007 by a group of Palestinian artists, journalists, writers, and civil society activists, who dreamed to provide the local Palestinian community with a sphere in which it could enjoy arts and music, achieve education in various cultural and artistic fields, as well as creating a sphere where artists, performers and creators could exchange experiences, develop joint projects and seek collaboration opportunities. Our core funding relies on income generating projects which consists almost 60% of our budget, but we are also funded by Arab foundation and recently the European Union. All our funds go to concrete projects. We are partnering with Mussawa Center in culture rights project funded by the EU, and currently are putting many efforts in outreaching for culture and arts organizations, and in expanding our financial platform.
Mission and Objectives

The Factory primarily aims to enhance the cultural development within the Palestinian society inside Israel, according to a vision and curriculum that strives to rise up in this young field in our society. As well as it strives to establish the efforts and abilities in order to build the creative self and the creative human and the creative artist in all artistic fields, through giving assistance and offering techniques, study, research and exploration.
We believe that the change starts within the individuals, and they carry by their turn the indications of this change, its seeds and burgeon to their audience, and from there will emerge an intellectual and cultural record.
Our objectives are:
*Develop Palestinian cultural production and promote its consumption, locally;
*Establish infrastructure for the professional education and intellectual development of the arts;
*Support and empower defined groups in the areas of culture and production, e.g., women, youth;
*Adopt and tutor “homeless” creative groups by providing them with technical and financial support;
*Facilitate cultural connections with other Palestinians, and with the wider Arab world;
*Foster cultural exchanges with international and local artists for mutual enrichment; &
*Provide cultural infrastructure and networks to assist researchers, students and the public to broaden cultural capacity.

Main Projects / Activities

The Factory is engaged today in 3 main programs among other activities:
1. The Music Conservatory: Our Haifa based conservatory has become, although its young age, a vibrant musical center that trains almost 200 children by 13 trainers, youth and adults in theoretical and practical training in playing variant Arab musical instrument such as Oud, Qanoun, Nai, Precussions, Vocals, Eastern Violin, as well as western instruments like Piano, Guitar, Violin, Drums etc.
2. Early Childhood Musical Training. We have recently opened a new branch in Rama village, in which we train 70 children musical orientation and skills.
3. Musical and Artistic Literacy: in activity year 2011-12 the staff of The Factory will provide 30 lectures and workshops in Arab councils and municipalities in Israel, which will target decision makers, heads of cultural departments, school principles and culture activists in the issue "the Cultural Rights of the Palestinian Minority in Israel- Challenges and Opportunities".

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Muna Abu Baker
Head of the organisation
Habib Hanna
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Habib Shehadeh