AL-Ofoq for Youth Development

National Network

Ramallah- Steh Marhaba- behind trust company
Palestinian Territories

Organisation Type
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Democracy and community development
  2. Gender
  3. Human rights
  4. Media
  5. Youth and education
General Information
The Horizon Foundation for Youth Development has taken its first steps "steps to build roads," in the formulation of its vision, mission and goals of youth development, to be a youth community lever capable of creating collective youth awareness towards the Palestinian cause at all levels, as well as community and youth issues, as a key priority to recruit support and support for them  Because the youth is a large, important, effective and essential segment in any developmental process of Palestinian liberation;  Palestinian youth are at the center of the development process; Palestinian youth are a large segment (reaching approximately 60% of the total population), active and able to carve the ideal image of Palestine, and its political, social, cultural, economic and other projects.  The Horizon Foundation is an ample space for Palestinian youth and their ideas.The Foundation works on youth development through a number of programs including: workshops, conferences, publications, opinion polls, competitions, scientific courses, festivals, youth camps, and other means envisaged by Palestinian youth.  "We have the past here, we have the first voice of life, we have the present, the present, the future," Mahmoud Darwish said
Mission and Objectives

Our Vision
 Pave the way for the prospects of a conscious and capable Palestinian youth.

 Our Mission
 Horizon is a youth NGO that seeks to contribute to the building of a conscious, capable and participatory youth generation.  Conscious of his reality, and the importance of his role to effect positive change.  Able to shoulder his responsibilities and face and keep up with rapid changes.  Participating positively and an active element in the social, political, economic and cultural life, through targeted developmental programs and activities, fostering and adopting youth initiatives, and contributing to networking between youth and other sectors of society.  To ensure a more prosperous future for the young generations to come, to deepen and promote multi-open and open youth awareness, and to build a Palestinian society capable of advancing the present and future burdens.
- Empowering and enabling youth
- creating a prosper future for the coming youth generation that confront challenges courageously.
- Spreading the culture of citizenship and the values of civil society, and rise youth awareness in these issues.
- Raising youth awareness of the importance, necessity and value of volunteering.
- Raise youth participation.

Main Projects / Activities

Awareness Program:
 The Awareness Program aims to raise awareness among young men and women, by arming them with the most theoretical and practical knowledge and experience that qualifies them to fight life, not as followers and mere proportions and figures, but as creative leaders and pioneers.  The program relies on direct meetings with young people.  These meetings are in the form of lectures, workshops, discussion sessions and brainstorming.  These meetings are carried out through partnerships with Palestinian universities, community institutions, municipalities, local councils, and schools.  Topics covered include good citizenship, political participation, democracy and human rights, communication and leadership, leadership and entrepreneurship, electronic media, planning and management of initiatives, self-building and preparation for the labor market, creative thinking.
Empowerment Program:
 The Empowerment Program is the second major “Horizon” program to be implemented in line with the Foundation's vision, which emphasizes the need to combine awareness-raising and youth empowerment for sustainable development.  The program aims to contribute to building the capacity of youth and providing them with the necessary tools to exercise their leadership and leadership roles in the Palestinian society in a positive way, and to build the capacity of the Horizon Foundation on the other hand.  Consequently, the projects and activities implemented within this program have varied

Contact (1) Full Name
Jihad Namoura
Job Title
Public relations
Head of the organisation
Contact (2) Full Name
Raghad AL-alawneh
Job Title (2)
Fundraising and public relation officer