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Public Institution
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  1. Arts
  2. Democracy and community development
  3. Heritage
  4. International/Cultural relations
  5. Media
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  7. Youth and education
General Information
An independent Palestinian non-governmental organization , non-profit development was founded in 2005 on the initiative of a group of cadres of activists working in the fields of thought, development , development , human rights and democracy, social service, seeks to contribute effectively in building a free Palestinian society in an independent state politically socially economically by working to spread awareness and dissemination democratic culture and the development of concepts of the fundamental rights set forth in the international Bill .. freedom and social justice and to mobilize energies towards achieving the desired goal.  
Mission and Objectives

- Assembly message .
1 - The mission of the Assembly in the consolidation of national awareness of the Palestinian cause and the right to freedom and independence and to return and contribute to the building of a free society.
2 - defense of Palestinian refugees and the development of standards of life in their communities and asylum camps rights.
3 - Dissemination of Democracy and human rights culture.
4 - capacity and devote sustainable culture building .
Objectives of the association.
1 - commitment to the principle of defending the rights of the Palestinian people to freedom of the independence of the Palestinian state, protect the rights of Palestinian refugees.
2 - To increase awareness of the concepts of freedom, democracy and human rights and to have it published.
3 - the unification of all efforts and increased coordination between the activities and operational frameworks so as to contribute to capacity building at the level of Palestinian society.
4 - improving the quality of life in general Palestinian society and especially among the refugees.
5 - to communicate with institutions locally and internationally and hiring efforts and innovations to serve the issues addressed by the Assembly.
6 - Work to strengthen and expand the horizons of solidarity with the Palestinian people, their cause and their rights fair value.
7 capacity building and empowerment of youth and women sectors, children and people with Ctja T. owns.

Main Projects / Activities

Media in the Assembly
The information department in the Assembly contains a component media team of 10 volunteers of both sexes .
He graduated more than 120 trainees in the field of photography courses
The information department in the Assembly and is now working on filming the Association's activities in addition to photographing the old stories of our ancestors to be displayed in cultural evenings in the Assembly
Culture in the Assembly
Cultural Department contains more than 20 volunteers of both sexes .
In addition to a large group of children to be educated and to educate them about the heritage of the nation .
Cultural Department projects.
Will be the work of cultural seminars in the Assembly as well as drawing paintings on the walls of houses mimic the nation and put the camp
* Edward Said library in the Assembly.
Cultural Department is responsible library Edward Said , which in turn is the only public library and the first in the camp and the area around Bethlehem
Child and activities department
Child Department of the Assembly are an integral part of the association's activities , the child's culture and character-building and leadership education in addition to the entertainment side
Phoenix band of Dramatic Art
It is a private theater association containing more than 30 people of both sexes .
Volunteers are trained in plays.
Now the band is trained on the new presentation under the name "land of our country ."

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International cultural exchange between civilizations

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baraa faowaz zahran
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Activities coordinator
Head of the organisation
baraa fowaz zahran
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mohammad khaled saifi
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External Relations Officer