Al-Tariq "The Way" The Palestinian Institution for Development and Democracy

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  1. Democracy and community development
  2. Gender
  3. Human rights
  4. International/Cultural relations
  5. Youth and education
General Information
The Way “Al-Tariq” was legally registered as a non government organization (charitable society) in the beginning of 2006; founded by leading individuals in Palestinian society and Palestinian peace camp, who joined forces in order to build a grass root organization which supports democracy, dialogue and development in Palestine. The management of “Al Tariq” has many years of experience working in civil projects dealing with education towards dialogue, none violent conflict resolution, values of democracy and reconciliation in the Palestinian and Israeli society. Our main goal is to promote and implement the values of democracy into the Palestinian society were each citizen has individual’s rights and also a responsibility for the common good of the community. We believe that democracy and development are strongly connected, as democracy is crucial for development and for social justice. The success of democracy depends not only on the institutional forms that are adapted, but also on the vigor of practice. The opportunities created by political and civil rights have to be seized and used in line with our understanding of fairness and justice. The functioning of democracy depends to a great extent on its constructive role, since its achievement depends to a great extent on the actions of citizens, influenced by values and norms. The success of democracy depends ultimately on the emergence, sustaining and strengthening of values that make responsible democratic practice and consequential. Our projects emphasize on the education and practice of the values of democracy, none violent conflict resolution, dialogue and reconciliation, networking with other organizations and institutions in order to influence on as many people as possible, as through joint actions more groups of the society can benefit and be influenced.
Mission and Objectives

• Influencing the Palestinian street by training and implementing the values of democracy on the local leadership, which will start a grass-root movement that will influence the civil society to change the current situation.
• Education of youth and adults on the values of democracy especially none violent conflict resolution, dialogue and reconciliation.
• Creation of a Youth Movement of “Al-Tariq” The Way through diverse educational activities, training courses and building of clubs will be for these children and youngster a second home.
• Creating the first Palestinian Peace movement, which will be the platform and empowerment for Palestinians people and organizations who believe in the values of democracy, none violence and dialogue based on equality
• Empowering the Palestinian woman, so that she will influence and take her rightful place in the society and political leadership.
• Creating a network for Palestinian organizations that believe in the same goals, and are supported by a worldwide network of governments and organizations that assist the Palestinian people to create the viable democratic Palestinian State.
• Influencing the Arabic and International media on the importance's of none violence and in condemning the people who call on violence, through the support of Palestinians and world wide leadership, we will try to spread our messages through the media.
• Educating and supporting dialogue with Israelis and people from all around the globes based on mutual respect and equality.

Main Projects / Activities

On going activities of Al-Tariq:
1. Al -Tariq Resource Center Al- Ram – was opened in November 2008 its main objective is “Strengthening the role of the civil society through young adults whom are local leaders in their community, whom will promote democracy, none violence conflict resolution and human rights in Palestine”, which can be achieved through a long term process training and supporting young leaders to take actively part in the social change needed in Palestine. This can be achieved by creating a safe place where they receive training, support, have books/CD and computer usage, in order to get the needed tools to make a difference.
The resource center is also used b as a meeting place by diverse Palestinian-Israeli dialogue groups, as we are located in area C which is accessible by Israeli and Palestinian.
2. Summer Camps – Since the year 2006 we have in summer vacation a summer camps for large number of children/youngster’s in their villages or cities, these camps run for a couple of weeks, in order that the children won’t be in danger from the military occupation whom they like to provoke in their boredom. We deepen their cultural knowledge; teach them civic rights and duties towards the community in which they are living. Showing them how each one by taking responsibility is able to influence on their surrounding and how they can help in solving problems in a democratic way.
3. Internet activity – are activities were dialogue is initiated through blogs, forums and at later stage video conferences between Palestinians, Israelis, Europeans and youngsters from other conflict areas. In 2005 we had a very good pilot experience which enabled us to see to importance in using the internet were all participants are equal and are in an neutral area, which is very important in order to have a equal and honest dialogue.
4. Education as dialogue - Teaching the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from different perspectives
The overall objective to which the action aims to contribute is cross borders cooperation through education. That means enhancing the role of education in peace building in times of conflict and beyond. Regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict the project aims at transforming the role of education from its present function of perpetuating the conflict to a major factor in a peaceful solution, while Fostering the understanding and communication between Palestinian, Israelis and International teachers, in order to help developing new approaches and new manuals that reflect coexistence, peace, human rights in the spirit of UNESCO criteria.. These objectives include necessarily the Empowerment of teachers through teachers training which would give them the tools to develop different teaching approaches of the conflict, and orient them to a more dialogic way of discussion.
5.Young Palestinian and Israelis leaders for Peace and Reconciliation - We have started this program in 2007 in cooperation with the German organization Wings of Hope, since then we are working with a group of young Israeli and Palestinian students whom will build bridges between both societies. Both groups had a two week seminar in Ruhpoldingen Germany, were they meet other young multipliers from Germany and other conflict areas like Bosnia-Herzegovina and Iraq. This exchange empowers them in finding the way to each other and starting productive dialogues for further cooperation. In 2008 the new groups were chosen and prepared by the participants from 2007, who were supported and instructed by our project management. The groups have joined forces and will proceed the process together by meeting national and bi-national once a month, in order to build programs which will build bridges between the society. This year the groups will start early with the preparation of this years Summer Academy in Germany.
6. Trauma Education by Wings of Hope Germany – In April 2008 our management, staff and members joint a 2 year Trauma-theology academic program for educators and social workers, this is helping us understand and deal with the consequences of trauma which more than 90 % of the Palestinian people are suffering from and is one of the main reasons for violence in the society.
In the beginning of December we have done a weekend in Trauma-theology for 20 fathers, whom are educators or key persons in the society. They have gotten a short introduction about Traumata and what causes it. The participants were very active and allowed the others to hear there personal story, it was very important information for them and made us understand how important it is to make people know more about Traumata.
7. Leadership and Multipliers’ programs - Al-Tariq has been planning diverse programs for local leaders, young political students, and women which will empower them to spread democracy, non violence, dialogue and peace into the society.
8. Non violence workshops – We have done in March 2008 and December 2008 two workshops with CANVAS and ICNC, these were lead by professional facilitators whom were teaching the participants how to built non violent strategies and methods, which will lead to a none violent movement.

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Khaled Abu Awwad
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Khaled Abu Awwad
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Lotty Camerman