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General Information
The organization has 9 board members who accompany the implementation of the programs, including decision making, monitoring and evaluation, approving of projects and budgets, local fundraising and many other tasks. The organization employs 19 staff members, each integrated in a different position according to her expertise, and 15 caregivers integrated in the two nurseries run by Al-Tufula. Budgetary resources available in a year: 1,060,958 USD. Sources of funding: Donations, income from selling books, income from providing services, income from the early childhood coalition funded by the Bernard Van Leer foundation, income from the nursery's participation fees. Modalities: concrete projects Since its establishment, the organization has developed partnerships with different organizations working in the fields of women empowerment and early childhood care and development. Among these organizations/institutions are: Women against Violence, Women Studies' center, Kav-Mashveh, JDC-Israel, Isha l'Isha (woman to woman), Ajeec, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, University of Haifa.
Mission and Objectives

Al-Tufula center (NNI) is a pedagogical multi-purpose women's center which aims at empowering women and developing the field of early childhood by adopting a feminist, holistic, integrative and liberating approach, and by utilizing the following strategies: capacities building, development of resources and infrastructures, national and international lobby and advocacy, local international resource development and networking.
In view of that, our main objectives are:
1. Empowering Arab women citizens of Israel to become active in all life spheres guarantee all their rights and enjoy a society that provides equal opportunities to all its members: increase the integration of Arab women in the labor force and developing women leadership.
2. Enhancing social solidarity through networking and coalitions.
3. Developing and disseminating a holistic integrative approach to early childhood in the Palestinian society in Israel.

Main Projects / Activities

• Empowering Young Palestinian Women to reach higher education and become agents of social change.
• Atida- the initiative for increasing the participation of Arab women in the labor force.
• Increasing the accessibility to information about services and assistive devices to persons with disabilities in the Arab society in Israel.
• "Together towards Happier Childhood" aiming at developing the material and educational infrastructure of kindergartens in the Arab society in Israel.
• The Children's Festival is held annually to celebrate the Child's International Day.
• The Early Childhood Newsletter which addresses a wide variety of topics related to early childhood and targets adults working and living with children.
• Disseminating the holistic, integrative approach into the curriculum of early childhood care and development colleges.
• Supporting Arab local authorities in implementing the free compulsory education law in kindergartens.
• Monitoring on the violation of the Arab children's rights.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

As already indicated, Al-Tufula has been working in the field of youth since 2007. It has also played a major role in establishing "Herakuna Forum" which comprises 5 organizations aiming at enhancing social solidarity and voluntarism among young people in the Arab society in Israel. Through integration in ALF network, Al-Tufula can share its experience in the field of youth with the network members by delivering relevant trainings to young people and to professionals working with young people (including gender, human rights, drama, developing personal skills, identity development, development of future vision, development of skills in different domains), initiating community activities targeting young people in addition to youth leadership development.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

Al-Tufula is interested in joining the ALF network since the network addresses youth issues and young women are one of the groups targeted by our organization.
Since 2007, we have been empowering young Palestinian women citizens of Israel to reach higher education and become agents of change in the Palestinian society in Israel. So far, we have established six groups, many of which continued with their social activism after they had graduated from the project and are still involved in community projects implemented by Al-Tufula.
We have learnt that the ALF network addresses the youth field through projects and forums which bring together organizations and activists from Europe and the Middle East to further youth issues; therefore we believe that our integration in such a framework will enrich our work with young women.

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Ruba Simaan
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Nabila Espanioly
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Manar Awawdi