AlMasryeen Organization for Community Development

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135 El Kantra with Saad El Deen St., Flat No. 9, 3rd floor, above the Egyptian motors company.

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Non-Governmental Organization
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Fields of Activity
  1. Human rights
General Information
1 - Board of Directors: Includes the institutional structure of the Association Board of Directors consisting of 7 members of the Founders and taken into account in the formation of the Governing Council the development of any kind to be among its members women; 2 - Assembly: includes the institutional structure of the Assembly general assembly is composed of sixty member other than the volunteers, including twenty women; 3 - the executive organ of the Assembly and administrative structure: Do not exceed the number of employees the association on the number of 8 employees at the head of this device by an Executive Director; and director of programs for field work and Sustainable Development and the Secretary of the Assembly and the Director of Mali, one In addition to this device Volunteers; 4 - Regulations: The financial system financial manager given the association and is supervised by the Office of the Auditor appointed by the Assembly, where the preparation of budgets, the various cooperation with the Executive Director of the Association and director of programs, field work and sustainable development as the coordinators of the projects to prepare periodic reports on programs that do the work in which, under the supervision of Director of Programs field work and sustainable development. The Assembly adopts the sources of financing, including many bodies, donors and membership fees and campaigns to raise money for the organization to raise money through licenses authorized by law to support their
Mission and Objectives

Vision: Aim of the Egyptians to serve the community and human rights to achieve a prominent place among the associations operating on a local scale through the provision of services, activities and development projects within the Arab Republic of Egypt in order to support the less fortunate of the poor and individuals at risk of poverty and the most vulnerable and their families and to raise awareness and support and to support individuals to the ordinary people of all their social, community and political.

Main Projects / Activities

First: In the field of human rights and democratic development of awareness: 1 - twinning with the Postal Authority of Egypt in many areas of human rights was organized several seminars and training sessions with them in the field of human rights and the dissemination of democratic awareness, benefiting approximately 2000 employees the Authority and the citizens invited was honored as the number 35 either ideal body e-Masri, also was observed Festival to meet with them and peace was the granting of gifts to employees idealists honoring mothers ideals is an annual festival held by the General. 2 - Monitoring and Analysis (legal, media) session of the People's Assembly elections in 2000 3 - Monitoring and Analysis (legal, media) parliamentary elections the 2005 session 4 - Monitoring and Analysis (legal, media) the Shura Council elections 2007 session 5 - twinning with United Group Advocates & Legal Consultants in the field of discussion to amend the law 84 of 2002 where she took the draft amendment to the General Associations Law, organized by the United Group. 6 - pairing with the Group for Democratic Development through participation in the parliament the draft of all 7 - LSF project oversight on public expenditures and promote transparency, organized by the United Group and the Group for Democratic Development (blow to the promotion of transparency) 8 - Assembly center set up to help the Egyptian legal and judicial support to the citizens 9 - Organizing a training session for lawyers Gharbia masters in cooperation with the Egyptian Center for the Assistance of Prisoners 10 - Participation in the control of the parliamentary elections in 2010 in cooperation with the Independent Egyptian Committee for Monitoring Elections Ibn Khaldun Center for Development Studies 11 - participate in the project against the discrimination against women and children 12 - The Association is currently undertaking to renounce violence against children (a red card against child labor) 13 - contributed to the Assembly in discussions of the draft of the Child in collaboration with all the media to raise awareness of its 14 - contributed to the society in cooperation with the University of California in the discussion and preparation of the Law 64 of 2010 on combating trafficking in human beings 15 - participating in the laws of the Arab woman is in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University 16 - to participate in Arab Thought Leaders Conference in Beirut 17 - organize and stand in solidarity with the Church of St. George to reject extremism and religious intolerance 18 - Organize a meeting with the youth of Tanta University, to familiarize them with the laws of universities and student unions 19 - organization of a symposium on the impact of the Egyptian revolution in the fabric and the conscience of the Egyptian society 20 - organize training course on how to monitor the constitutional amendments 21 - organize a seminar to educate young people the constitutional amendments 22 - - organizing a symposium to educate young people the constitutional amendments 23 - 10000 and distribution of paper for constitutional amendments and referendum ways to educate citizens 24 - media and legal analysis of the day of the referendum on constitutional amendments Egyptian television in 2011 Second: In the area of ​​religious tolerance and a culture of non-violence, racism, religious 1 - twinning with its founder, Queen Travel Service in the organization of trips, symposia and seminars to raise awareness of different religious faiths found in Egypt were organized around a number of 10 trips with them to different places on the level of the Republic, benefiting nearly 500 individual 2 - - Altwmp with its founder, Hotfile view of the integrated commercial development in the area to assist the Assembly in organizing tours to Umrah and benefited from a number nearly 30 members of the Assembly. Third: In the field of health care 1 - twinning with Al Noor Morocco charities in the area of ​​Prevention of Blindness was handling nearly 2500 citizen of the sons of the province west of those who suffer from low vision other than to make 150 a simple process and the number of 200 medium and large in the same area which is currently under Create a center for vision correction at a cost of 300 000 three hundred thousand Egyptian pounds in collaboration with them Western province has been the launch of the (eyes right for all.) 2 - Cooperation with The Egyptian Society for the treatment of Parkinson's western province 3 - a conference for people with disability organizations, civil society Gharbia 4 - setting up a project together against swine flu was the establishment of two seminars to raise awareness of bird flu in addition to the distribution of the bag and means of protection from the disease to ordinary citizens 4 - The Society is currently studying Created (Bank of the drug) to provide medicines to the affected areas and poor food bank like the idea of ​​a General Fourth: in the cultural field 1 - twinning with its founder, Sarah Suhail for children's literature and to the development of Children's Literature and Cultural Development were also in cooperation with a number 2 a seminar for children and their parents benefited from a number nearly 500 children. Fifth: in the field of youth care: 1 - twinning with the Foundation for Motion Media in the field of competition model girl at the level of private universities and foreign companies operating in Egypt will be held this year in cooperation between the Assembly and the company Motion Media Brod Kcn and under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Minister of Education and of Higher Education and the benefit of all students female students in all universities and institutes nationwide 2 - twinning with its founder furnace in the administration of spherical cycles of foreign embassies and universities and the teams were already set up the first session, including under the auspices of the President of the National Youth Council with the participation of 14 teams (Session of the World Cup mini) mini-World Cup Sixth: In the area of ​​environmental protection 1 - a project against the reluctance on the cultivation of cotton in cooperation with the Fair Trade Organization 2 - Draft repeated his beautiful, a draft environmental Seventh: in the field of social responsibility to the poor 1 - the distribution of aid Ramadan (Ramadan cartons) to poor families, benefiting approximately 1000 poor families 2 - Distribution of clothes to children orphaned children, the poor and benefited approximately 1000 children have been the launch of the (Bank support clothing) 3 - Distribution of financial and other aid for poor families in Gharbia Governorate nearly 100 families

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Bassim Hasanin Al Sharkawi
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Chaiman of the Board
Head of the organisation
Bassim Hasanin Al Sharkawi