Alrowwad Cultural and Theatre Training Center

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+970 22750030
+970 22750030
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Mobile Phone
+972 599255573
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0522 695 238
Organisation Type
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Arts
  2. Democracy and community development
  3. Environment/Sustainable development
  4. Gender
  5. Heritage
  6. Human rights
  7. International/Cultural relations
  8. Media
  9. Youth and education
General Information
Alrowwad is an independent nongovernmental organization composed of 7 board members and 39 general assembly members and 6 part time employees, and had 3 associations of Friends of Alrowwad in France, USA and Switzerland. 2. Alrowwad has no fixed funding contracts, main funding come through projects and donations. For the year 2005, the budget was 337,000 NIS. 3. Projects, donations from friends of Alrowwad and tours of performances. 4. Alrowwad main activities is theatre and folk dance ,video filming , editing ,animation projects, computer training, languages training, and scholarships for university students, besides psychological guidance and follow up for children and parents. 5. Main partners include: popular committee in Aida camp, UNRWA, UNDP, French consulate, European commission, Friends of Alrowwad in France, USA, Switzerland and Italy, Badil Center, "Oxfam Belgium and German government for the building and finishing of the new centre", Alawda-UK "Adopt a family pro
Mission and Objectives

Vision: Al-Rowwad is an independent, dynamic, community-based centre which encourages normal childhood by targeting behaviour, knowledge, concepts and practices.
Specific Objectives:
1.To establish a theatre group that strives for a gradual change in society, and allows children to respond to needs arising from stress and confinement.
2.To carry out tailored and specialized training courses to enhance children’s capacity towards managing change.
3.To promote the awareness of the community through children by employing various tools such as theatre, dance, puppets, art, animation…etc.
4.To carry out needs assessment within the community to respond to priorities within the mandate of the centre.
5.To equip the centre with information and communication technology in order to strengthen networking and the exchange of information.
6.To establish an effective organizational structure with clear rules and regulations as well as clear terms of reference for qualified and volunteer s

Main Projects / Activities

1.Theatre, puppet shows and Dance
2.Video filming and editing and animation movies
3.Art workshops
4.Languages: English, French, Arabic depending on volunteers
5.Psychological guidance and follow up with children and families
6.Discussion groups/plays/drawings on themes concerning Gender, Human rights, Children rights, Palestinian refugees/children issues, Environmental issues, volunteerism and community building.
7.Supportive education for children who have difficulties in learning at school (mainly in Arabic, English and Mathematics)
8.Scholarships for university students in need.

Contact (1) Full Name
Dr. Abdelfattah Abusrour (Director)
Contact (2) Full Name
Azhar Abusrour