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General Information
ALTIDAN SONRA TIYATRO is composed of members who have professional careers in their lives before 6 p.m. as academicians, managers, architects and engineers. The group has been established in 2000 and active since then. None of the group members receive any income from the company and support the group with their donations. This has been the rule of the company for the past 15 years. ALTIDAN SONRA TIYATRO has participated in 17. Istanbul International Theater Festival with “The Cloven Visconti” and in 18. Istanbul International Theater Festival with original production of “A Carefree Play”. Both productions made extra shows after the festival as a result of the demand came from the festival audience. With these and almost all productions, the company was given prestigious national theater awards.
Mission and Objectives

Main mission of the company is providing Turkish theater scene original plays in Turkish. The company’s priority is staging plays written by the group members.
ALTIDAN SONRA TIYATRO has been continuing to stage its works for 15 years with at least one new play per year.
ALTIDAN SONRA TIYATRO has reached this goal after original productions were staged by other prestigious theaters of  Turkey following their initial production by the company.
Main objective of the company is to provide plays to the Turkish theater literature and help other companies to share their works with the Turkish audience.

Main Projects / Activities

Barefoot MusicHall (2015)
Starving Dogs (2015)
Economania (2015) with Theater and der Ruhr.
HAK (2014)
Evaristo (2014)
It was the day after nobody died (2014)
Problematic Human Resource (2014) with Lokstoff!
Murder Game (2014)
Based on True Life (2014)
Barzo and Konserve (2014)
Careless Play (2014)
Downhill Tales (2014) with Lokstoff!
Rhytm of Pleasure (2013)
Cloven Visconti (2012)
The Neverending Charming Story of Siblings of Missfortune (2008)
Draussen vor der Tür (2007) by Wolfgang Borchert
You died got it (2006)
OBEB (2005)
Waiting Room (2004)
Philadelphia, Here I come (2003) by Brian Friel
Dead of a Salesman (2002) by Arthur Miller
Other projects:
Several reading theater
Voices from Iran (Radio plays with Açık Radio)
TANDEM project Engel/Melek with Lokstoff! (Germany)
Joint productions with Theater an der Ruhr (Germany)

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Altıdan Sonra Tiyatro;
* Could be partner of collaborative works. The company has been succesfully participated in several international partnerdhips in the past.
* Could provide its venue KUMBARACI50 to those interested groups and individuals.
* Could volunteer for netwok groups in order to initiate Networks for certain goals.
* Could provide human resource for the programs and organizations

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

Altıdan Sonra Tiyatro has already partnered with institutions in and out of Turkey. Some of these institutions brough ALF to the attention of Altıdan Sonra Tiyatro.
Altıdan Sonra Tiyatro would like to engage in multi cultural projects from the selected partners of ALF Network and not only be only an acting partner but also a solution partner to the institutions within the Network.
We believe ALF would enrich our relationships with institutions across Europe and provide a platform to present our strenghts to other partners within the ALF network for potential collaborations.

Contact (1) Full Name
Head of the organisation
Erkan Kortan