Amitié Plurielle Luxembourg a.s.b.l

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5 avenue Marie Thérèse
2132 Luxembourg

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Non-Governmental Organization
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General Information

Amitié Plurielle Luxembourg a.s.b.l. is an intercultural and intergenerational organization.
Amitié Plurielle - Luxembourg a.s.b.l., was founded in 1969 to promote better relations between Portuguese speakers and Luxembourgers. It is therefore one of the first Luxembourg associations to work in the field of Migration.

The APL is a network formed by a.s.b.l. following:
-Amitié Plurielle - Luxembourg a.s.b.l.
- Centre Social et Culturel Portugais d'Esch-sur-Alzette, a.s.b.l.
- Centre Interculturel Nord, a.s.b.l.
- Amitié Portugal-Luxembourg de Dudelange, a.s.b.l./ Groupe de Folclore “Províncias de Portugal”
- Amitié Portugal-Luxembourg d'Echternach, a.s.b.l./ Folclore Group “Os Minhotos” from Echternach
- Centre de Formation Lucien Huss, a.s.b.l.
- Antenne d'Ecoute, a.s.b.ll.
- AIC Inter Culturelle Association

Mission and Objectives

Amitié Plurielle Luxembourg a.s.b.l. is an association of plural friendships, which promotes intercultural and intergenerational dialogue

Main Projects / Activities

"Interculturando "
Objective to develop activities around the Book and literature

APL library of +/- 7,000 books

Refugibrary in Interaction

The Group of Seniors
Started in 2014, this is a project aimed at promoting the participation of seniors in various activities concerning them, in particular those in which the APL is a partner (“Café des Ages”, “Kino mat Häerz”)

Café des Rencontres
The project of this group is the inclusion of senior migrants in Luxembourg society either through internal meetings, or through external visits and other activities. The goal is to meet, to help each other, to share life experiences.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Through our activities and active participation in Anna Lindt projects/meetings/activities

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We can work and develop common projects, share our experiences and help each other to better achieve our common goals

Contact (1) Full Name
Guy Reger
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President of Amitié Plurielle Luxembourg
Head of the organisation
Guy Reager
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Mikel Trako
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