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Amutat Ein Gihon

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P.O.Box 31221,Jerusalem 91311
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Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
Fields of Activity: 
General Information: 

Structure: Ein Gihon is run by a Management Committee composed by three people and an Audit Committee composed by another two people. The General Assembly of Members is the institution that appoints both committees.
The Association has ten volunteers in charge of the activities plus more volunteers for specific projects (for example, in the Leadership Building Program 2009-2010 some 20 professionals participated as teachers of business and leadership). We have no hired staff at the moment and all the organization is run on a voluntary basis.
Budgetary resources: 40.000 USD.
Sources of funding: 42% fees of the activities, 58% private donors, 0% public grants.
Modalities of action: courses and seminars; personal coaching; summer camps; organization of sport competitions; international exchanges.
Main partners involved in the organization’s projects/activities: IESE Business School, Lideralia.

Mission and Objectives: 

Ein Gihon is a Non Governmental Organization registered in Israel. It was established in 1998 in Jerusalem by a small group of people with the purpose of fostering cultural and educational activities. Its activities are completely apolitical and opened to people from any race, social background or religion.
The Association works among professionals, university students and youngsters through a series of educational activities such as seminars, workshops, talks and summer camps. Ein Gihon is well aware of the difficult situation that the country faces and of the multiple divisions among the ethnical and religious groups coexisting in Israel. Because of this, all the activities organized by Ein Gihon try to create mutual understanding spaces, under a climate of cooperation, which facilitates working together for a better future.
Ein Gihon’s mission is to help to create a better world through the education of people: men and women full of desires, not only of doing better things but also of improving as human beings.

Main Projects / Activities: 

LBP: Leadership Building Program. Yearly program for developing leadership skills in the participants: Arab boys, both Muslims and Christians, from 15 to 17 years old. The program introduces them into the business world. In 2010-2011 Ein Gihon is running the 2nd edition of the program. In 2009-2010 30 boys participated in the LBP.
HPS: High Performance Study. Yearly program which aims to help High School Arab students from Jerusalem be accepted in prestigious Israeli universities. The program tries to close the gap between the Israeli and Arab educational systems creating equal opportunities for Arab youngsters, thus, helping them to remain in their country and contribute to the development of their community. This program aims at:
i. Helping them develop good habits of studying seriously and efficiently.
ii. Broadening their intellectual formation towards others topics than those strictly required by their curriculum.
BMU: Business Management Updates. One day Seminars on different subjects related to the business world. The Seminars are imparted by prestigious professors of very well known Business Schools. On 2009 the lectures discussed aspects of Human Resources. This program is addressed mainly to Arab professional people, entrepreneurs and businessmen.

Additional Information: 
Contact (1) Full Name: 
Jose Manuel Gude
Head of the organisation: 
Alejandro Bertelsen
Contact (2) Full Name: 
Jorge Ale

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