Ankara European Youth Forum

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+90 312 2103625
+90 312 2103625
Organisation Type
Non-Governmental Organization
Fields of Activity
  1. Human rights
  2. International/Cultural relations
  3. Youth and education
General Information
Ankara European Youth Forum is a voluntary, non-profit student organisation with around 300 volunteers from different disciplines. It has organized many activities such as seminars, conferences, panel discussions, summer universities, trainings and thematic discussions which focus on human rights, non-formal education, intercultural dialog, active citizenship, peace, culture and language, youth mobility. Ankara European Youth Forum has contributed to the introduction of Erasmus program in Turkey together with establishment of Turkish National Agency. In 2007, with the project Turkish-Greek Civic Dialogue (2002-2006), Ankara European Youth Forum received the Award of “Best Youth Projects” by United Nations Development Program-Turkey.
Mission and Objectives

The main missions of Ankara European Youth Forum are to encourage cooperation and integration among young people, to provide mobility for youth, to develop democracy, tolerance and human rights, to contribute for an open society withouth prejudices through action days, field studies, summer universities and trainings.

Main Projects / Activities

In April 1997, Ankara European Youth Forum invited Prof. Andrea Gattini to give a conference on "Inter-governmental Conference - European Union in Perspective" at METU.
In November 1998, in the 50th anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Ankara European Youth Forum organized the conference "Universality of Human Rights" in order to discuss if we need a new conceptualization on Human Rights.
In July 2003 Ankara European Youth Forum organized in Fethiye Kayakoy the youth festival with the participation of thousands of young people from Greece and Turkey. The festival was organized within the framework of Turkish Greek Civic Dialogue Project.
Between 2-4 April 2004 the Final Conference of Turkish Greek Civic Dialogue Project was held in METU. This conference marked the end of the Turkish Greek Civic Dialogue Project. The Project, financially supported by European Commission was one of the most important projects of Ankara European Youth Forum.
Its latest project was realized in the beginning of May 2009, Living Library Project aiming at helping people overcome their prejudices.

Contact (1) Full Name
Hatem Efe
Head of the organisation
Fatma Kaya
Contact (2) Full Name
Fatma Kaya