APLM(Association de Protection du Littoral à Maâmoura)

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Rue Omar Ibn khattab
8013 Maamoura/Nabeul

+216 20484946
+216 72369834
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Non-Governmental Organization
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Fields of Activity
  1. Arts
  2. Human rights
  3. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  4. International/Cultural relations
  5. Others
  6. Research
  7. Youth and education
General Information

Our staff in APLM have been involved and participated in several Youth exchanges in the frame of youth in Action program, and erasmus + projects , we had many projects with AISEC members from many countries and with other Tunisian association and we still have on going projects on the field of sports and environment

Mission and Objectives

Our objectives:
1- To highlight the local natural resources in order to make an excellent touristic region.
2. To make people aware of the importance of coast protection.
3. To highlight the importance of the lagoon and the tremendous benefits it has.
4. To enhance the partnership with civil society and associations active in the Mediterranean in the same field.
5. To protect the local fauna and flora and the ecosystem.
6. To encourage scientific research in this field to activate partnership with Tunisian and foreign colleges and universities in the area in the hope of solving environmental problems

Main Projects / Activities

One of the most intersting projects we had in this field is "the bottle race" a project tackeling sports and recycling at the same time , with participation of more than 6 different nationalities from all over the world To participate in the plastic boat race made of waste.(level1-2017 & level2-2018)
. We are coordinatorsan in Erasmus+ project "Design your waste" for a duration of 2 years(2017-2019) it includes 7 actions exchanges youth workers and youth, realized 4 TC in Tunisia-1 activity in Galicia-spain and 2 activity in naples-Italy.
In September 2019 we participated in "The new path" international training course : The main topics of the training was about the difficulties the refugees are facing and how affective their inclusion in the sociaty is
.A new project with WWF Tunisia between Tunisia and Morocco, including the APLM, is a network of 15 Tunisian and 15 Moroccan associations and more than 3 years to succeed the MS3C "mobilizing civil society to fight against climate change "
-In the framework of the Mediterranean event with Legambiente "Clean Up the Mediterranean" each years, the association organized, with ETE +, an awareness campaign to clean the beach of the globe with competitions for collecting small waste and an incentive share on selective screening with games for children and young people.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

As a motivated and ambitious young Tunisian organisation , trying to evolve and contribute more to the wellbeing of its beloved country, i believe our experience and skills through working with national and international partners can make a great contribution to the ALF network in my country. Our staff in APLM , which have been involved and participated in several projects, Youth exchanges in the frame of youth program and erasmus + projects, is welling to share and support the ALF Network in any way possible, in addition to our creative and fresh ideas to serve and support. I sincerely hope that our mutual vision for a better future will drive us to a mutually beneficial cooperation

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

There are two sayings that I really believe in: the first is: “ what make a difference are not our choices but our commitment to them” and the second is:” “Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” ” And Joining the ALF Network will be a step on the right track for my organisation's growth. Not to mention the opportunities this alliance will provide. We are a talented team with a high sense of adventure, a remarkable stamina to adapt to the changing living conditions, a passion for a better word, and a meticulous sense of details when it comes to efficiency and effectiveness in our work and joining the ALF Network can only boost all those qualities to the right direction.

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Mouine Meddeb
Head of the organisation
Mohamed Benney
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mohamed benney