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Achrafieh, Shehadeh street, Jardin de Tabaris Bldg., Bloc A, 5th Floor

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Non-Governmental Organization
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General Information
Art In Motion is a cultural NGO with main aim to make Art accessible to all by moving Art to Public spaces. We are 5 persons on the board, from different backgrounds, with all having the conviction that Art could change the world. We have so far more than 20 persons supporting us in terms of connections, PR and their knowledge. Our main source of income is from friends, from the memberships and the fundings from sponsors and other organizations, but unfortunately not from governmental organizations. We will be starting by having 1 event next year, which will be a huge event that we are considering to make it travel to other countries if all goes as planned. We have just started working on this event, and I am attaching for you the presentation of the project and should you be interested, will be sending you later Artist Portfolio (that is not yet completed), for your review.
Mission and Objectives

• AIM is a group of individuals engaged in the art scene that seeks to make art accessible by moving it to spaces encountered in everyday life.
• AIM’s mission is to reach Lebanese from different socio-economic backgrounds through visual and performance arts, and to reinforce art as a medium of empowerment, exchange and dialogue within Lebanon, the region and abroad.
• To promote art as the uniting force in society and to enable it to generate conversations and dialogues across myriad boundaries include socio-economic, cultural and geographic.
• To revitalize public spaces through art exhibitions, cultural events and networking platforms;
• To integrate art into public discussion and debate, and to advocate for art as an integral part of national policies;
• To promote and facilitate cultural exchange (programs), both within the country and abroad, through workshops and seminars;
• To run and deliver art projects, which showcase the achievements of the local national, regional and international art scene

Main Projects / Activities

October 5-12, 2016
Sanayeh Garden, Beirut Lebanon
Dialogue between MENA and International Contemporary Artists.
Resistance and Persistence
Art in Motion / Valerie Reinhold (redprint:dna discover new art)
Art in Motion
To promote Contemporary Art in Lebanon and to make it accessible by moving Art into public spaces.
To build an exchange and a dialogue between Contemporary Artists from the MENA region and International Contemporary Artists.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

By beleiving that Art is an International language, and by making it accessible to everyone and not only the Elite, we will be educating people of the beauty and importance of having Art encountered in their everyday life.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We would like to join ALF as we beleive that we could make a difference, both on the local and International level.

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Ms. Rania Halawi
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Head of the organisation
Ms. Rania Halawi / Ms. Rania Tabbara
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Ms. Rania Tabbara
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